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Are you bored by playing it safe? 

Whether you’re self-employed or working for someone else, you’re more than likely living life by the “rules”. 

Working silly hours, feeling stressed out and stuck in the middle, while the pressure of juggling work, life and kids is stifling your creative spirit – not to mention your dreams.

It’s time to take time for yourself, throw off those 'shoulds' and get creative.

Because if you want to feel connected, inspired and free you’ve got to nurture your creativity and passion.

I’m Angela Murray – I’m an artist, a coach, and a specialist in the art of creative play.

Over my 35-year corporate career with leading international brands, I saw how nurturing creativity lead to bold thinking, innovation, happiness and success. I also saw businesses fade away when their people were squashed into tight little boxes, playing by the rules, hiding their gifts and afraid to take risks.

We can’t flourish if we are afraid to shine

My creative mindset experiences are designed to help you let go of the ‘rules’ and nurture your inner creativity and passion through artful play. Yes, you are creative! Just let me show you how to uncover it!

It’s an opportunity to be brave and bold, experiment, take risks, have fun, find solutions in surprising places, make mistakes, succeed and ultimately, fly.

I could not have been as successful in the corporate world or managed the stresses of a senior management role if I had not regularly taken time to nurture my creativity.

  • Creative mindset teaches us that change can be fun. Yes, it can be rocky, but it also opens fresh opportunities and new possibilities.
  • Creative mindset keeps you grounded. It brings you back to your true self, stops the negative self-talk from spiralling out of control and gives you a positive outlet for all the stresses and strains of life.
  • Creative mindset means taking risks. You learn that no idea is stupid, that it’s okay to make mistakes and only the truly creative standout.
  • Creative mindset expands your vision. You start to think ‘beyond the square’ and begin to see new solutions to old problems.
  • Creative mindset improves happiness. Yes creativity makes people happy (research shows that happy staff outperform their competition by as much as 20 percent.)
  • Creative mindset leads to innovation. Enough said?
  • Creative mindset helps you keep your cool. When something goes wrong at home or work, you won’t get sucked into drama or panic. You’ll keep your calm within the storm and from this perspective, creative solutions will flow.
  • Creative mindset helps us understand each other as individuals - bringing more fun, harmony, and connection back to your home and work life.

Let me help you bring that fun, vibrant, creative spirit back into your life. 

Ready to quit playing safe and start playing for success?

Check out my individual and team workshops here.