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How I escaped my worst enemy

“What dream or passion are trying to stuff down and keep quiet?” or “What situation are you putting up with because you believe that is how it is supposed to be?” and “How wonderful would your life be if every day you were living the life you love?”

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Is this what happiness looks like?

  Do you have any idea who this is?   Whoever it is she looks deflated, unfulfilled and just a wee bit sick of her life – need a clue?… It is actually me in the year 2002 BC (Before Creativity) – how absolutely bored, grey and miserable did I look?  It even shocks me!!!!   […]

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miss independent

Little Miss Independent

Are you a woman in business? Do you also run the house schedule? Are you the grease that keeps the cogs of your business and family life going round? I have news for you – Sometimes you just need to let go of Little Miss Independent !!! About six months ago my partner stopped me in […]

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Meditating with pencils

  We are all looking for easy ways to reduce stress and tension and get a better night’s sleep.  But have you ever thought that what you’re looking for could be found inside an adult colouring book? Regularly on the top selling books lists in the world, adult coloring books are being hailed as the […]

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