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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at Living Life In Colour's workshops ...

"The most important thing for you to understand about Creative Coaching is that you do NOT have to have ANY art experience or artistic “ability”. In fact, the less you have the better. That is when the magic happens..." Whitney Freya (artist, coach and author)

My workshops are not just about learning how to paint, but more of a discovery about yourself, your dreams, desires and abilities.

Yes I will show you how to achieve the results you would like to see on your canvas, but more importantly I will help you connect with your intuition to discover what you want to bring into your life, and uncover what is holding you back.  I will show you how to get just what you want with simple creative practices it's that easy and IT IS FUN too!!

So for every client who says to me "I'm not artistic" or "I can't even draw a straight line" - well that's a perfect place to be!  Just see below what clients like you have managed to produce with a little guidance and a lot of smiles!

Come and join me for one of my experiences or maybe you would just like to find out more - please click on the Services tab above.


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painting happiness

Painting Happiness


Painting Happiness Dec 2015 for web

painting happiness

Easel painting


Painting fun

painting happiness

Painting Happiness


Meet your inner artist flowers

Twit twoo

Art from the soul 6 week short course

Painting faces

Colourful flowers


Lara painting

Painting happiness for web

Picasso style face

Mum and daughter painting

Student painting


Meet your inner artist Nov 2014 class pic

Beginners painting 010315

Fun at beginners painting 010315

Beginners painting class

Tanya painting up a storm

Painting happiness

Being Authentic

Contrast painting faces

Painting Happiness 270915 cropped



Beautiful flowers

Painting up a storm