Creativity and mandalas helped me manifest my dreams

I was surrounded by all the people I loved in the world, my family, my friends, ex-work colleagues - literally everyone I care about and I was having this overwhelming feeling of “I don’t belong”. It was January 2006 and I was about to head off for nine months for an ‘adult gap year’ or

Overcome your fear and have the time of your life!

I am just like you, I sometimes have fears.  Some are rational like don’t step out in front of a moving car.  Others are certainly not – like I am too old, or I am too fat. "I am too old, too fat, too unfit, I’ll get too hot, go red – OMG I will sweat too much and all my makeup will fall o

Do you blame others for making you feel bad?

I burst into tears this morning when my hubby told me something I do makes him feel bad. He had a valid point. It was something I was unconsciously doing - not deliberate or uncaring - just unaware. But my reaction to him telling me I'd hurt him was so dramatic and out of proportion to him just open

Some days it can be hard living with your own choices

Some days it can be hard living with your own choices, even when you know it was the best thing for you. I guess that is the thing about being an adult and making choices about your own life? What brought this to mind, is 10 years ago last month I made the decision to come to NZ on a 5 week holiday

We are the reason why Oprah is having to talk about inequality

Like many of us around the world I watched Oprah’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, nodding my head and agreeing with the sentiments of an end to inequality, an end to putting up with sexual harassment, an end to being seen as second class to men. At the same time I had just heard about a t

The top 8 life lessons I have learned from Harry Potter

I have a confession to make. Over the Christmas break instead of being in the studio painting, I binge-watched all of the Harry Potter movies including Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. OK, I feel better now I have got that off my chest. From the first time I picked up a friends copy of “Ha

Why I don’t believe in setting goals

I hope you've had a great Christmas break and you're looking forward to 2018. Perhaps you're thinking about what goals to set this year? Or maybe beating yourself up a little for those you didn't achieve in 2017? As a Life Coach you would expect that I'd be the first person to say you need goals to

My top 5 Tips for Surviving the Christmas Madness

It can’t have escaped your notice that the silly season is well and truly upon us. I swear that each year the run-up to Christmas gets more and more frenetic. As women we seem to take on the challenge of ‘making Christmas special’ and trying to ensure it is the ‘best Christmas ever’ by man

Painting Your Dreams – Review

I felt a sense of pride for feeling the fear and doing it anyway...and guess what I love my painting, not because it is a masterpiece to others but it is my masterpiece and it has meaning for me. Thank you, Angela, you are a special lady who has created a wonderful course and safe environment for be

Who is in control of your life?

“What do you mean I have to get rid of all of my personal possessions?” I remember spurting this out as I sat in a meeting room surrounded by my stunned colleagues. “Not every personal possession. You are allowed one photograph of your family.” Said our slightly nervous HR person as she scan

Learning to say NO with love

 Learning to say No is a life skill we can all benefit from. “Life is so hard, I’ve got no time for myself. All I do is run around after everyone else, and no one seems to give a sh*t about what I need. I feel invisible most of the time – I’m just the person who organises everything, works,

I remember when I was a little girl I loved playing with crayons

"I remember when I was a little girl I loved to playing with crayons. I would draw on anything I could get my hands on. I’d scribble pictures of me, Mum and Dad and my little brother with our dog. I’d make pictures of my house, and castles and rainbows and flowers. It didn’t matter that they d

Me Time – All work and no play leads to overwhelm

"I’m exhausted all of the time, and all I seem to do is live to work – I feel like a hamster in a wheel." "I leave home early to go to work and by the time I get home it’s late, I’m tired and just want to grab something to eat, so dinner’s rushed and uninspiring - or if it’s really late

Meditating with pencils can help you get a better sleep

One of the ways I get my clients to tune into their creative thinking, and tapping into their intuition is by the use of simple creative activities.  Repetitive doodling or colouring is a very quick way to begin meditating

A simple way to prevent burnout in high stress roles

“I’ve lost my mojo for work and I’m falling behind in my projects. Even worse my boss is calling my ability into question yet I can’t get myself motivated”. This was the answer I received from one of my 1:1 coaching clients when I asked him “What is going on for you right now?”   My c

Who’s rules do you live by?

  It was Monday morning and I was sitting outside a local café, enjoying the sunshine, the freshly made almond latte I’d ordered and savouring the sweet berry muffin I was treating myself to. When I suddenly got an overwhelming sense of  “I’d better get back home to my desk before someo

Embarrassed and horrified in the limelight

I knew there could be much more to me and my life, but I was so scared of what other people would think "Would people still like me? What if I lost all of my friends? Will they laugh at me? I don't deserve to have a wonderful life".

Handling stress

As women we often take on the burden of stress not only for ourselves but for our families - we believe we have to be the strong ones. As a result of holding the fort for everyone involved we finally crack under the pressure .

Letting your kids get messy is good for them

I decided to do a little research into why getting messy is good for your kids (and you), and I put together the following reasons why you should let your kids play with paint.

Comparisonitis is a real thing

Over the past few months I have been coaching a group of people on their journey to bringing creativity into their own business or start-up coaching practices. Though the clients were both male and female and from all corners of the globe (US, South Africa, AUS) each of them had a similar issue… T

A cure for those Monday morning blues

Is the dreamer in you being slowly smothered? As you push pause on your alarm again, are you really pushing pause on having a life you love? My Dream Leaders experience has blown the lid off the box of my clients and now they can’t go back to that grey Monday morning feeling - no more Monday morn

Fear of making mistakes holding you back?

How many times have you told yourself - "I'd love to do that but ...." when deep down what you really mean is "I'm scared of making a mistake, and being ridiculed if I try ..."

How I escaped my worst enemy

"What dream or passion are trying to stuff down and keep quiet?" or "What situation are you putting up with because you believe that is how it is supposed to be?" and "How wonderful would your life be if every day you were living the life you love?"

Is this what happiness looks like?

  Do you have any idea who this is?   Whoever it is she looks deflated, unfulfilled and just a wee bit sick of her life - need a clue?... It is actually me in the year 2002 BC (Before Creativity) - how absolutely bored, grey and miserable did I look?  It even shocks me!!!!   You see at

Little Miss Independent

Are you a woman in business? Do you also run the house schedule? Are you the grease that keeps the cogs of your business and family life going round? I have news for you - Sometimes you just need to let go of Little Miss Independent !!! About six months ago my partner stopped me in my rushing about

Mandala Meditation

If you would like to learn more about Mandala's and how to design and create your own from your intuition do check out my 'Painting Happiness online' 6 week experience - I'd love to show you how!