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Fear - we all have it

I think I need a dog psychologist

I was up in the bedroom getting ready to go out when I heard a skittering noise on the wooden floor downstairs. My dog Liquorice was frantically trying to get from one room to another, and as we have wooden floors his feet sometimes slip and slide. Anyway, the reason why he was feeling so […]

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learning to say no

Learning to say NO with love

 Learning to say No is a life skill we can all benefit from. “Life is so hard, I’ve got no time for myself. All I do is run around after everyone else, and no one seems to give a sh*t about what I need. I feel invisible most of the time – I’m just the […]

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Who’s rules do you live by?

  It was Monday morning and I was sitting outside a local café, enjoying the sunshine, the freshly made almond latte I’d ordered and savouring the sweet berry muffin I was treating myself to. When I suddenly got an overwhelming sense of  “I’d better get back home to my desk before someone sees me and […]

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