Have you ever been paid less per hour than your male counterparts, yet had to work harder to be recognised.  Have you been passed over for promotion because you chose to have a family, or missed out on a juicy job because you are of child bearing age – yes really that still exists!

Are you playing small in the big game, because it doesn’t feel safe, and you don’t feel supported by the women in the same game.


I ask these questions because I have allowed myself to be undervalued.  I’ve allowed myself to be paid less than my male peers in the corporate world.  I’ve allowed myself to let men take the lead.

I’ve been the invisible woman at the big table who when I spoke I was not heard, only to have the guy next to me repeat my words and be celebrated for it.

I’ve not put myself forward – f*ck it I’ve deliberately held myself back – not wanting to be pushy.

I’ve worked in a male dominated environment my whole life where a man is a leader if he says what he means and a woman is a bitch or ‘having a hard week of the month’ if she does the same.

I’ve allowed myself to operate in an environment where women are in competition with each other instead of helping each other up.

But what I know for sure is women cannot continue to play the masculine game whilst denying their feminine power, hurting not only their self-esteem but their soul.

As women we have the creative power it is innate in who we are.  We are the wise women, the mothers, the lovers, the nurturers and the glue that holds society together.  Women around the world are feeling this power and the global sisterhood stirring.

From the French women who protested about the lack of equal pay by leaving work 70% through the year because they are paid 30% less than their male counterparts.

To the Israeli and Palestinian women’s peace rally lead by women from both sides and many many other examples ..

What I know for sure is together we are stronger, so let’s stop being in competition with one another and start supporting each other in life and biz – start by finding a nurturing sisterhood that calls to you.

This desire to be part of a supportive feminine network is why I created ‘Meet Your Inner Artist’ so that like-minded creative women can support each other from around the world.  That’s why I created ‘Painting Happiness’ to show women their dreams are valid and real.  That desire for sisterhood is at the root of all that I do.

So … if you are further up the mountain in biz, life, spirituality or even your creative practice.  Look behind you, put out a hand to those ladies who are following up the mountain and help them up.

When one of us rises up then the vibration for all of the sisterhood changes.  So raise a sister up and we all benefit. 

Not competition but collaboration.

Not climbing over another woman to get on in life but combining our feminine power.

Join a sisterhood today and feel the force of that feminine energy, and see how you can help out another sister today? 

Angela x

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