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Creativity at work

creativity at work

Has your inspiration up and gone?


If you want to stay ahead in business, you’ve got to stay creative,

The trouble is you’re so busy doing the work there’s no room for fresh ideas to flow.

Creativity is a muscle. You’ve got to exercise if you want to stay strong.

Let me introduce you to the empowering art of the creative mindset


Are you a team leader or an entrepreneur?



Team Building Workshops

Is there anything worse than sitting in a meeting where people just agree with you? You know some of the best ideas come from the ground up – and if no one is willing to put forward crazy ideas, all the pressure to drive change falls on you.

Business leaders know that if you want to stay ahead, you’ve got to innovate. The problem is that it’s hard for your people to think creatively if they’re constantly playing by the rules or afraid to stand out.

How do you help your people feel inspired, empowered and actually wanting to contribute?

If you want a team that thinks creatively, you have to foster that creativity.

It’s no good asking them to “think outside the box” if they haven’t developed their creative mindset skills and tools.

My customised creativity workshops are designed to help your team:

  • Build their creative muscles – I lead fun, playful and surprising exercises to prove to your team that everyone is creative and has a unique contribution to make. 
  • Generate fresh ideas – The best ideas don’t come from one person alone. Your team will discover that there’s always a new way to look at existing ideas and that everyone is capable of innovating, tweaking or offering a fresh take on an old concept.
  • Work collaboratively – We’ll explore new ways to recognise our own strengths and the strengths in others, so your team can work together more effectively and truly value each other’s unique contribution.
  • Communicate more effectively with their colleagues, by understanding different communication styles within the team and discovering how to connect with each other in a meaningful way.
  • Feel empowered, valued and capable of making a meaningful contribution to the organisation.

My mission is to help you lay the foundations for a more creative, inspired, thriving workplace where people actually want to come to work.

 I create customised workshops for organisations of all sizes, including:

  • Full and half day creative mindset workshops
  • Team building days
  • Creative introductions to your planning or business workshops.

It’s time for a fresh approach

  • If you are tired of ‘hearing crickets’ in team meetings
  • If you are constantly telling your team to “think outside the square” – but all you get is the same-old-same-old ideas, or worse, what they think you want to hear.
  • If your employees are jaded and cynical about lame “personal development” training

Click here to contact me and let’s create a customised workshop to empower your staff and bring fresh innovation and creativity to your workplace.