Dream BIG! Paint BIG! Art from your soul fortnightly

Dream BIG! Paint BIG!  Art From Your Soul

Each and every one of us has so much inside waiting to explode out into the world.

This 2 month experience is for you if you want to shout "HELL YES!!!!" as you pull on your BIG  pants and step into your BIGNESS!

For 2 whole months we are going to dream BIG, paint BIG and go for it BIG time as an intimate group of 4 who are ready to BRING IT to the world!

dream big paint big

The BIGGEST Canvas of your life

As you paint on THE BIGGEST canvas of your life, you will learn how to paint your soul's art as you are coached on how to expand in your life or biz.  You will be bringing to life your BIG dreams, intuitively painting your own BIG soul painting - and  uncovering your deepest desires to achieve a BIG breakthrough!

Painting big

You will take time to listen  to that inner whisper inside calling you to BE BOLDER, and to take the BIG energy from your canvas into your life.  To use your creativity to create your BIG life and biz success.  For so long I have wanted to offer this experience to connect you with your own BIGNESS.  To show you how to connect, create and paint the BIG Happiness that is calling you.  

Every entrepreneur in the world starts their business fuelled with Creativity, Passion and Curiosity. This modern way of approaching biz and life has proved so successful to so many small businesses who DREAM of being BIGGER , by building on their creative passion.


This Big Experience is for you if…

  • You’re tired of feeling uninspired
  • You have a deep desire to connect with your soul in a BIG way
  • You are curious about integrating creativity into your biz
  • You feel like you keep walking uphill and just want your life & biz to FLOW 
  • You want to get messy and wildly creative
  • You are excited and scared at the same time by the idea of creating the BIGGEST CANVAS OF YOUR LIFE
  • You have forgotten somewhere how to have fun for just for the joy of it, and your inner child just wants to come out and play BIG TIME
  • You know that you have HAPPINESS in your SOUL ready to be released into the world in a BIG BIG WAY
  • You are craving connection with other magical souls who are doing BIG things in the world
  • You want to expand your inner world in a BIG BIG BIG way!

This Big experience is not for you if

  • You’re not tingling right now
  • You’re perfectly happy living life with to-do lists and shoulding all over yourself
  • You’re too damn serious and want to stay that way
  • You feel that dreams are meant to be realistic and practical

Truly creating abundance in all areas of your life starts with allowing yourself the freedom and space to move, to expand your beliefs around what is possible and all that you deserve. Imagine being able to step into your dreams with a new ease, to give yourself an outlet to express what your heart is really wanting to say, to see that your biggest scariest visions are simply the next biggest piece of YOU waiting to come out.

This is what my process is truly about. It’s about releasing all of those preconceived notions of what your life and business are ‘supposed’ to look like and sprinkling fairy dust all over that. AND for a full month we’ll be drawing out of YOU your BIGNESS and splashing it onto that canvas.

Are you ready to go SUPER SIZE in your life and on your canvas?? 

Painting BIG includes:

  • 4 fortnightly x 4 hour sessions of BIG Creating Happiness Painting and Playing
  • A Gaia reading to support your creative journey
  • My full support in creating your BIG Vision on the canvas and in life 
  • Plus a side of Sunshine and Happiness and Sisterhood

You will also get:

  • A one hour 1:1 coaching session either online or in person (Value $150)

This programme is limited to 4 participants so that each person gets intensive support in an intimate setting.

Starts Sunday 17th June, 2018 1pm till 5pm


Imagine spending 2 whole months of intuitive artful play, and experiencing BIG expansion in your world. I am proof that the more creative you allow yourself to be, the more you see possibility in every situation you may have felt too difficult to deal with, or too hard to push through.  In this these 2 months you too will release your 'shoulds' and embrace the BIG BOLD YOU that is crying "Hell yes!!!" inside. 

Book your own Dream BIG Paint BIG 2 month Experience now with a $111 deposit - then 8 further payments of $111 every two weeks (Total $999) by clicking the PayPal link below.

Or by paying directly into my bank account:  02-0139-0109721-001 - A. Murray.


dream big paint big