Manifesting or manifestation

is a word that has been around the spiritual and personal development circles for a little while now, and it refers to our capacity to bring to life our desires and achieve our goals.  Some people refer to it as the law of attraction or co-creating your destiny with universe/god/spirit/divine (or whichever your personal belief is.  For quite some years I did not recognise manifestation until I began by ‘accident’ to apply it in my own life. 


When I first realised…

The very first time I recognised my ability to manifest was when I came to New Zealand on a 5 week holiday and I decided that I was going to stay.  I was journaling a lot as I travelled and so one day I decided to write my ‘wish list’.  The list comprised of:

  • To be happily earning money to support myself in NZ before the end of July of that year
  • To be able to provide for myself legally with a work visa by August
  • To feel settled and know that I can stay as an NZ resident by Christmas

Initially I struggled with the job search in Auckland on the North Island.  I was being turned down for jobs at the right level for my experience and qualifications (having no NZ experience) and being turned down for jobs at lower levels (being over-qualified).  I was stunned as I have never struggled to get a job ever. 

There was a perfect job on the South Island which I was ignoring because the company name was the same as my Ex’s surname and no way wad I going to be reminded of that every day.  So I kept applying and applying and applying to no avail.  One night I got so frustrated I applied for the job on the South Island.

Then it happened … 

2 hours later I had an interview on the phone, 2 days later I was flown down for interview and 3 days after that I started work.  Boom!  I had got out of my own way – the universe had been prompting me (I guess the company name was a clue – but I can be really stubborn ha ha!).

We applied for my work visa (which can be very tricky if you are over the age of 32 – I was 42) but sure enough it came by July.  With the work visa I was able to put my name into the immigration pool.  This is a pool of thousands of applicants in which you can spend a year or more waiting to be randomly chosen.  Within 12 weeks of applying I had been chosen from the pool and I had my full residency.  It arrived just before by Christmas!

In that moment I realised that I had the power to manifest what I was energetically putting out when I:

  • Got specific about how I wanted to feel (and by when)
  • I got out of my own way and let the universe provide the opportunity
  • Embraced the feeling it was going to happen and I believed it would

Not the first time …

I have since realised that this was not the first time I had manifested what I wanted (ask my parents about my brother arriving in the world 10 months after I declared as a 13 year old only child that I wanted a sibling!  My Mam blames me for that one ha ha!)

I’ve also become to understand why things I wish for don’t happen, or are not as I imagined too.

  • When I have not felt how it would feel to have what I am asking for – meaning I am actually not energetically connected to it.
  • When my intention is one thing but my subconscious is blocking it with the opposite thought. For example “I will have an abundant life” will not come to pass if the subconscious thought is “I don’t deserve it”.
  • When I get too specific – I now teach my clients that it is good to believe in what you want without being too specific – stop trying to control the outcome and surrender it totally and completely with confidence. Let it unfold as it will, but make sure you are putting in the work and being in the right place to receive it.

painting happinessAnd now I teach others …

how to paint what they want to manifest in their life, connect with that energy and then let it go and then watch it unfold – it’s exciting!

Whether it is the universe at work, or whether by putting my intentions out there my subconscious recognises it when it comes along I have no idea.  All I know is painting my intentions and hanging that energetic intention on my wall works (I don’t need to know how).

If you’d like to know more about how to manifest in your life using the power of creativity please check out my Painting Happiness Online or In person experiences.


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