Painting Happiness 6-Week online experience

Painting Happiness 6-week online experience

I know you have a vision inside of a life you want to live, but you just need to be shown how to uncover it.

This 6-week experience is for you if you want to discover your most precious dreams, shine a light on them and then live them!

For 6 weeks we are going to let go of the outside world – you will shift from your busy ‘to do list’ mind to your love based creative mind and will discover an inner world you never knew existed.

Bring freedom, fun and flow into your life

As you are guided to paint your mandala representing your universe with you at the centre, you will bring more FREEDOM and FUNinto your life.

You will take time to listen to that inner whisper calling you to sink into the joy of simply creating as you infuse your canvas with all your positive energy, hopes and dreams.

I can finally offer my most popular in-person experience online.  To show you how to connect, create and paint your DREAMS.  This process has proved so successful to so many people who listened to that small voice and followed their DREAMS through creativity.

The Painting Happiness Experience is for you if…

  • You know there is more to life than what you have now
  • You know that you have DREAMS inside excited to come out into the world
  • You have forgotten what it feels like to get messy for the FUN of it, and your inner child just wants to come out and PLAY with paint
  • You want an easy creative practice to bring more FREEDOM, FUN and FLOW into your life
  • You are being called to connect to your inner wisdom
  • You are excited and can’t wait to get wildly creative
  • You are craving connection with other magical souls who are creating HAPPINESS in the world

The Painting Happiness Experience is not for you if…

  • You’ve not got excited butterflies right now
  • You’re perfectly happy living a small life instead of the life of your DREAMS
  • You’re happy with life being serious instead of FUN
  • You feel that dreams are for other people

Truly creating happiness in all areas of your life starts with allowing yourself the time and space to uncover the dreams you have hidden inside. Imagine easily stepping into your dreams with a creative outlet to express what your heart is really wanting to say.  Imagine playfully kicking perfectionism and comparison to the curb and being the YOU –  you’ve always dreamed of.

This is what my process is truly about. It’s about you and the canvas, loads of glorious colour, permission to PLAY and a whole lot of FUN supported by like-minded beginners.

The Happiness Guarantee

I know for sure this process works – so if you take part in all parts of the course and you don’t see more FREEDOM and FUN in your life I will refund your investment 100%

Painting Happiness online includes:

  • 4 x 1  live online group sessions where I guide you and support your dreams
  • 6 weekly videos and pdfs where I coach you through my Painting Happiness process
  • Journal and colouring pack which I have handcrafted for this experience
  • Access to the  ‘Painting Happiness Online’ Facebook group – priceless
  • Plus a side of Sunshine and Happiness and Community

The next online experience starts 6th June, 2019  7PM (Pacific) 7th June 2PM (New Zealand) .  All live sessions will be recorded so you don’t miss out.

Imagine spending 6 whole weeks of intuitive artful play, and uncovering your DREAMS. I am proof that the more creative you allow yourself to be, the more you can bring your dreams to life even when they feel too hard or out of reach.  In this 6 week experience, you too will let go of your ‘shoulds’ and bring FREEDOM, FUN and FLOW into your life – yay!!  

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“I really loved the WHOLE experience, right from the beginning from the exercises in our books to the meditations, it all put me into a very safe creative zone, I felt really calm and excited to be able to use my hands!!

Fabulous experience overall, the first time I have ever started and finished a painting and been absolutely pleased with the outcome, no judgements, no self-doubts.

I love knowing that my dreams are imprinted on the canvas waiting to unfold and manifest.”   

Louise Heeney