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Painting Happiness Experience

Painting Happiness Experience

We all have hopes and dreams inside just waiting to be uncovered and brought to life - this experience is for you if want to uncover your most precious dreams, shine a light on them and bring them into the world!

During this one day experience, we will let go of the outside world and discover the life you long to live.  You will shift from your busy ‘to do list’ mind to your love based creative mind and will discover an inner world you never knew existed.

Painting Your Dreams

Join me for a day of artistic play

Through creativity and guided meditation you’ll shift from your logical fear based mind, to your creative love based mind. I’ll guide you to paint a visual representation of your own dreams and together we will send that message out to the universe. As you sink into the joy of simply creating, you’ll infuse the canvas with positive energy which will come back to you.

The only rule in this free-flowing workshop, is that there is no right or wrong.  I’ll be there to gently support you in exploring your innate creativity, while playfully kicking perfectionism and comparison out of the door.

Painting Happiness is about you and the canvas, loads of glorious colour, permission to play and a whole lot of belly laughs in the company of like-minded beginners - come join us.

Join me for the Painting Happiness Experience and you will:

  • Learn simple exercises that will take less than 10 minutes a day to access the power of your own creativity 
  • Learn how to uncover your vision for your life using your own natural creative ability
  • Be guided to paint a constant reminder of your dreams coming true which will inspire you every day
  • Receive access to my 'Be Creative Be You' Facebook Group


Do I need to know how to paint?

Not at all – this workshop is perfect for absolute beginners as you need no previous art experience to get the most out of the day – and better still you will take home your own magical painting.

How do I book for the Painting Happiness Experience?

Booking is really easy! Just click on the button below to claim your place with a  $49.40 deposit and gift yourself a day which is all about you!

'Painting Happiness' Experience NZD $297


BOOK now with 6 fortnightly payments of NZD$49.50 by clicking the button below

painting your dreams


The Painting Happiness Experience is for you if…

  • You have forgotten what it feels like to be creative for the FUN of it, and your inner creative wants to be let loose
  • You are tired of constant routine or being too busy and  want to make a change in your life
  • You want to bring more ENERGY into your life
  • You know there is more you can achieve but just don't know how to unlock it
  • You are excited and can’t wait to get messy with paint
  • You want connection with other beginners who want more freedom, fun and flow in their life too

 The Painting Happiness Experience is not for you if…

  • You’re not excited and nervous right now
  • You’re perfectly happy with the same old same old instead of being inspired to go for your dreams

Dream Leader

Creating a life you love starts with allowing yourself the time and space to uncover your vision and dreams. Imagine creatively stepping into those dreams whilst kicking perfectionism and comparison to the curb - how powerful is that!

This is what my process is truly about. It’s about you letting loose your creative curiosity and being supported by like-minded beginners.



The next Painting Happiness Experience is


Sunday 11th March, 2018 – 10am - 4pm 

Venue: Lake House Arts Centre, 37 Fred Thomas Drive,
Barry's Point Reserve,  Takapuna, Auckland 0622

Coffee, snacks and all materials will be supplied – just bring an apron and your lunch! 

'Painting Happiness' Experience NZD $297


BOOK now with 6 fortnightly payments of NZD$49.50 by clicking the button below

painting your dreams