Enjoy the gift of 30 Days of Goodness.

From 1st August 2016 I am bringing back my ever popular 30 Days of Goodness.  Inspirational quotes and original artwork each day for 30 days. But this time there is a twist!

When you sign up to receive the 30 Days direct to your inbox you will also receive my 30 different ways to exercise your creative muscles in less than 10 minutes each day!  In fact I suspect you’ll enjoy them so much you will want to spend longer at them.


You will also get access to my private 30 Days of Goodness Facebook Group where we can share our creative adventure and I will be giving away a few freebies along the way. 

These extras are only available when you sign up from 1st August and the following 30 days let my heart guide your heart and fill your days with goodness.  

Why not share share this 30 day challenge with someone you love who would appreciate a little Goodness in their life too.  Let’s spread the love!

Sending you love and goodness each day from 1st August!

Angela x


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