Beep beep BEEP!… it’s another work day and you’re dragging yourself out of bed to get ready for the office with those Monday morning blues. You’ve hit snooze one too many times, but it was SO worth it for an extra 10 minutes in your cocoon under the duvet.

Grabbing a slice of toast as you dash out of the door, you head to a job that no longer interests you and you know this routine is silently smothering something inside of you. Sound familiar?


How did you let this happen to you?monday morning blues

The erosion started with the way you show up in the world and at work. The individual you used to be is being slowly worn away, feeling unheard, overlooked or possibly taken for granted. You are beginning to wonder would anyone even notice if you didn’t show up for work ever again?

You know you are so much more than this inside but you’ve given up trying.

Does each weekend become more precious than the last, as you look forward to the two days off, which go so quickly, and before you know it the beep beep beep of the alarm is telling you to get back on the treadmill?

What happened to the dreamer, the world of possibilities, the life you once loved – darn it where did the FUN go?Monday morning blues

Did you pack your dreams and ambitions in a box marked “Someday” or “when I retire”? Whatever the name on the box each Monday morning marks another layer of ‘Someday’ being smothered inside.

But there is still a light burning inside of you

The dream, the unrealised love or ambition, the life you really want for yourself – the light be dim but it always there and it refuses to be snuffed out. It is that uneasy feeling, that knowing there is more to life than this, and you are worth so much more.


Women like you are the kind of women who are called to work with me

The women who work with me know there is more, and they want to throw away tedium and obligation and take back their dreams. They’ve watched my other clients do it, they know it looks fun, they don’t know how the transformation happens – but they can see that it does.

This creative process transforms women in so many different ways …

  • I have a client who now has a clear plan she is working on to leave her energy sapping job to have her own boutique B&B.
  • Another client has moved to the other side of the country, and now has her own studio space – plus the time to create every day overlooking the beautiful NZ countryside.
  • The process inspired one client to find her voice and she began singing in a local group. Her new found creative confidence and finding her voice then inspired her to go for that next role at work. She is now on secondment for nine months in London, and who knows where she will go to next?

My creative experiences are the first step to taking the lid off the ‘Someday’ box

I tell my clients when they start working with me that once they open up the creative box, it is impossible to stuff the lid back on it. What I mean by that is not only do they learn a new process to create in the ‘art’ sense but the larger aspect is the creativity they unlock in their thinking.  Creative thinking doesn’t just happen in the studio it spills over into life. Once you learn how to change your perspective using creativity then your whole life takes on a new meaning.

You attract and recognise more opportunities when they come along. You learn how to ditch your ‘Perfectionista’ personality and take action, and when you take action … everything changes!

monday morning blues



How many more dreary workdays are you going to put up with? 

Is the dreamer in you being slowly smothered?  As you push pause on your alarm again, are you really pushing pause on having a life you love? My Dream Leaders experience has blown the lid off the ‘Someday’ box of my clients and now they can’t go back to that grey Monday morning feeling – no more Monday morning blues for them.



Change doesn’t have to be hardDream Leaders

I’m the creative thinking coach who will show you how to lever the lid off your ‘Someday’ box with creativity and fun. It is a gentle process, which anyone can do – and if you are a complete beginner then perfect! You have the most to gain and you will get the most out of it.

If you want to ditch your Monday morning blues

Join me for Dream Leaders on Sunday 9th July and let me show you how to take the first easy step to having a life you love. You deserve this!

Click on this link to find out more – Dream Leaders 9th July one day experience 



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