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It was a beautiful sunshiny, happy happy Saturday at the Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna Auckland last weekend. A magical morning filled with boundless laughter, creativity, daring, sharing and heaps of support!

I was so lucky to be hosting my workshop for complete beginners with the most amazingly brave ladies, who threw themselves right into learning how to paint from scratch.


As they arrived one by one there was some nervousness and trepidation but an underlying feeling of excitement and wonder at what the day was going to bring. Though some of them professed they were ‘definitely not artistic’ and some claimed they were ‘not very good’ they all soon got in amongst the paint, with brushes and fingers, the studio was very quickly a buzz of creativity.

We were painting on a very significant symbol The Butterfly.  I had chosen the butterfly as it is the symbol of transformation and aptly represented the emergence of these ladies as creative goddesses.

It was an absolute joy to watch as they tried new things with paint, they learned that ‘mistakes’ can actually add to a final painting and also they learned about letting go of the outcome.

At one point I reminded them that “sometimes you have to let go of something you like in order to let something you love come in”. I was talking about letting go of an image you quite like (which may be getting you stuck on what to do with the rest of your painting) in order to let the next layer become the layer you actually love. However it was not lost on any of us that this is also a metaphor for some situations in life too.

They painted for 4 hours straight, and most wanted to paint on for the rest of the day! At the end of the workshop each with the same paints, the same instructions and the same tools produced completely individual pieces of art.

To same I am very proud of my students is a complete understatement. I loved teaching them, helping them when they stumbled and supporting them on their creative journey, and I also learned so much from them about being brave and trusting in the outcome.

Tanya painting up a stormNot only were they brave to learn how to paint, but they were being filmed by the amazingly talented Tanya McQueen from Global Spirit Films who is working with me to produce a short movie to explain what my coaching and teaching is all about.  Tanya herself could not resist the creative buzz in the room and was persuaded to join in (seen here with a very happy work in progress).  She produced her very first painting ever – a multi coloured butterfly full of energy.  So a day of fun and inspiration was certainly had by all!

I am planning a series of workshops throughout 2015 (details coming soon) I can’t wait to get back in the studio with these guys and I hope that you will come along and join our creative adventure too!

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4 thoughts on “A magical morning filled with boundless laughter and creativity …

  1. You guys had such a happy time. And I love the butterfly symbol. Its been a part of my works so many times. Awesome energy. Looking forward to the video.

  2. Thank you Prerna

    It was a wonderful day, sunshine on the outside and inside of the studio! I’d love to see some of your butterflies too x

  3. WOW the energy and fun is catching. I am going to go and paint. How wonderful it is for you to share your Creative Goddess Angela. <3

    1. Hi Nadine I hope you had a wonderful time painting! Yes the energy was wonderful I still have a broad smile whenever I see this pic – I love sharing my creative goddess with others and watching them shine it’s so rewarding. Thanks for commenting xx

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