“I’ve lost my mojo for work and I’m falling behind in my projects. Even worse my boss is calling my ability into question yet I can’t get myself motivated”.

This was the answer I received from one of my 1:1 coaching clients when I asked him “What is going on for you right now?”


My client who is a Sales Manager for a large organisation looked absolutely exhausted. The dark circles around his eyes and the persistent cough all symptoms of someone at low ebb.

“I’m falling behind, I have no drive and now it is spilling over into my home life … I am really at the end of my rope”.

Being a good English girl, I sat him down, put on the kettle and organised a cup of tea – after all tea helps solve everything right? Ok maybe not everything …

Preventative Maintenance for people

We began our session. There was a lot to unpack – working long hours, lack of support, serious pressure all leading to a personal crisis.

As we unpacked each element we considered what his assumptions were and what the actual fact was. How could he imagine other alternatives to the current situation? What strategies could we employ to overcome them?

His hopes and dreams for himself were discussed and what would drive him to succeed. We considered how the company might best use his skills, and whether or not this is even the right company for him to work for.  And the result?  We formulated a personal plan, he now feels supported and more energised than he has felt in months. He left with a much lighter step, and without the world on his shoulders.

This was just the first session of my ‘Empower Me’ signature 1:1 coaching programme.

I see a lot of stressed corporate clients, and this particular session got me thinking about the corporate culture where working long hours and stress are seen as a badge of honour. 

Many organisations have external counselling services which I really applaud. But often as employees we reach out for those services at the point of crisis, when our work, health and/or relationships are really suffering.  I began musing about the need to take responsbility for our own mental health.

Most large organisations have preventative maintenance programmes for their valuable machinery to prevent breakdowns and repairs, just as we take our cars in for maintenance to ensure we protect our asset. But why do we as employees not put in place preventative maintenance plans for our mental health in potentially stressful careers? Why do we wait till we need repairing by counselling?

Preventative maintenance for your staffs wellbeing

What if you took control of your mental health like the maintenance plan for your car? What if progressive employers offered a coaching session every other month, as part of an employees package?

Imagine working with an unbiased, unaffiliated external coach with a remit to take you forward. Imagine learning how to deal with stress before it becomes an issue, and before you need sick leave. Imagine working in an organisation which was benefitting from a motivated, focused and supported team.

As an ex-coprorate employee I know how easy it is to find yourself in overwhelm, trying to deal with the pressure of the role and juggle homelife. I also think that from a progressive employers perspective the cost of absenteeism, poor performance and/or the cost to replace employees would heavily outweigh the cost of a good life & business coach.

Imagine being in a workplace where you feel supported both in your work and home life, how much more effort would you put in and how much more loyal would you be to the organisation?

So if you work in a potentially stresssful role, or manage your own business consider a preventative maintenance plan for yourself. And if you are a progressive employer consider coaching as a way to look after your key people and not just your key machinery – it will pay dividends.

If you or a staff member are showing the onset of stress in work or homelife reach out and book a Book a FREE discovery session with me and let’s see how I can help.

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