Do you ever fear losing out to the competition, being left behind or even worse becoming totally irrelevant? As a coach I’ve found it doesn’t matter if you are working in your own company or for someone else these are very real fears for many of my clients.

When you start out in businesses you set out with an idea, a product or service which is new or different. The new business or career feels fresh and interesting.

When it’s all new you can act like a teenager

You take risks, you are adventurous and try new things. There is an excitement and a buzz as you are in creation mode. At this teen stage, everything is possible and you learn by your success and setbacks along the way.

Then as time goes by you ‘grow up’ in business, you are creating a good turnover or receiving a steady salary, and just as in adult life you start to become risk adverse. By becoming more mature in business you now believe you have more to lose, and as a result, you start to play it safe.

You may find yourself saying “I can’t” more often as now the dreaded FEAR OF CHANGE in creeping in

Fear keeps you stuck and business or your career may begin stagnate as excitement wanes. You might stop messaging new ideas, or energy and as others come in to fill the ‘new kid on the block’ space your worst nightmare happens – you become irrelevant, like wallpaper in an already crowded market.

So where does that spark go?

You know the one – the spark that created the idea and passion in the first place?

That spark was called CREATIVITY and by playing it safe, by stifling it under the day to day to do list, by not nurturing it, it is effectively starved to death.

So how can you make sure you are not the cause of the death of creativity in your business or career?

Here are my tips and strategies

1 – Make a regular date with yourself and your team and act like teenagers

I don’t mean get out of bed at lunchtime, grunt in monosyllables for the whole meeting and give attitude – what I mean is … “challenge assumptions and rules”

Think about this ….. It was once a widely accepted thought that it was impossible for man to break the 4-minute mile, until 6th May 1954 when British Athlete Roger Bannister broke the barrier. Just 2 months later, an Australian athlete had broken the 4-minute barrier, and now 50 years later the barrier is now 17 seconds under the 4 minutes.

If Bannister had prescribed to the accepted ‘rule’ that sub 4 mins was impossible then maybe the barrier would still be in place?

So what assumptions can you challenge? What rules are you running your business or work life by? Rules that made sense when they were put in place, but are no longer relevant?

Have fun with it, maybe challenge 10 rules each time, including the most fundamental rules (there should be no sacred cows).  You may find the rules are still valid but without challenging regularly and being open to other ways of being you may find yourself being left behind.

2 – Develop a creative teenage mindset

Keep testing boundaries and trying new things. You can pilot new ideas without “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”.

Play! Have fun! Stand out, find your teen style and don’t become a shrinking violet.

Be disruptive; try doing the opposite to the accepted norm, or the opposite of what your competition is doing.

I am the Creative Thinking Coach

My role is to disrupt the status quo, gently challenge my clients’ comfort zones and to build a bridge to guide them to expand into their full creative potential. 

So now go forth and act like a teenager, be a disruptive creative and watch your business or career grow.


PS If you need some more ideas on how to bring creativity to life in your business, career or home life book a FREE discovery session now and let’s see if we can work together.

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