This weekend I had the most amazing opportunity to meet iconic NZ Artist Dick Frizzell after he delivered a inspiring talk for a small audience of students at Hungry Creek Art & Craft School.

Just as Dick was about to speak the heavens opened and the rain on the studio roof tried its best to drown him out.  Undeterred he carried on with humour and was not beaten by the storm brewing outside.  Talking at length about the benefits and pitfalls of commercialising his art, it was wonderful to witness such a successful artist make the time to give back , and pass on valuable insights to up and coming creatives.

He talked about the ‘perpetual myth’ of starving for your art, and the penniless artist painting in a freezing garret, and how that does not have to be reality (yay! for artists everywhere!).   Through his honest sharing of his own experiences he was able to deliver a message of hope to new artists who are starting out on their own creative journey.

Personally his words both challenged and inspired me to think again about my own business.  So thank you Dick Frizzell, meeting you I think may have changed my creative perspective for ever!

Who is Dick Frizzell?

Dick Frizzell is an iconic NZ painter, in fact he is not only a painter but is a brand.  Frizzell’s art practice has spanned more than 40 years, and his works are held in all major public, corporate and private collections in New Zealand. Dick has been a print maker for many years and is strongly grounded in NZ and pop culture, he has produced some of NZ’s most sought after series of prints.

One of his most famous works is Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke, where he morphed the Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse into a Tiki.  In the title of the work the Maori phrase “Tu Meke” appears which approximately translates as “Too Much”.

More information on Dick Frizzell can be found here …


2 thoughts on “Meeting Dick Frizzell

  1. Angela, I love this! Going to search and view some of his artwork thanks 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! He’s been at his craft a long time and I love the hunour in his work 🙂

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