This is a special invitation for you to join my 6 week short course in my personal creative sanctuary where I will share with you my secrets for creating art from your soul.

Join a small group of ladies in the informal atmosphere of my personal studio, for this short course which is fun and very relaxing. 




What can I expect from this short course?

Art from the soul 6 week short courseDuring the 6 weeks you will get direct access to me as I teach you how easy it is to tune into your creative intuition, and how drawing inspiration from your inner artist creates the most soulful art.

I will also help develop your colour mixing skills and show you how to easily create a picture you will love – but beware! we may get messy as we learn about dripping, layering and how to let go and have confidence with art.

The extra special part of this course is that you will have access to where I create, the tools I use and the resources I have (which I don’t show in my other workshops).  

$50 deposit


My studio is small and intimate so numbers are strictly limited – book early by clicking on the button with a $50 deposit to make sure you don’t miss out!




Do I need to have previous experience?

Not at all – this is a nurturing workshop and is perfect for absolute beginners as you need no previous art experience to get the most out of the course – believe me you will surprise yourself!

Dates, times and location?

The course will run from 6.30pm till 8.30pm – each Wednesday starting 10th February, 2016 in my cozy private studio in Torbay

What do I need to bring?

I will provide you with a materials list before the course, which means you have the right quality tools to be able to create your own art at home after the 6 week course is over.  I always ensure that I guide you to get good quality, inexpensive materials which will save you time and money on buying the wrong products.  I can also give you a Living Life In Colour student discount card for local art stores as I know every cent counts!

How do I book for ‘Art from your soul’?

My studio is very cozy so places are really limited, so please don’t wait – book now.

$50 deposit


The investment for the course will be $170 and to book all you need to do is click on the button to pay your $50 deposit. 






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5 thoughts on “Art from your soul – 6 week short course

    1. Oh yes! next course starts 10th Feb in my new studio !!

  1. Please universe let me be able to do this one!!

    1. I trust the universe is listening this time Michelle – only 3 spaces left 🙂

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