A number of years ago while I was going through my Holistic Life Coaching Certification I was given a lesson in letting go of past hurts.  

As I was being coached through the layers upon layers of ‘stuff’ holding me back in my life by senior coaches in the programme I was presented with the following story which I’d like to share with you today ….


A story of letting go

Two monks were on a pilgrimage, when one day, they came to a deep flowing river. At the edge of the river, a young woman sat weeping, because she was afraid to cross the river without help. She begged the two monks to help her, and the younger monk turned his back as the members of their order were forbidden to touch a woman.

However the older monk chose to pick up the woman without a word and carried her on his back across the river. He put her down on the far side and the two monks continued their journey.

As they journeyed on the younger monk was sullen and distant all day, Finally, at the end of the day the older monk asked the younger one what was bothering him.  The younger monk replied how he was furious with the older monk for breaking his sacred vows.

The older monk then replied  “My young companion but I only carried her across the river and yet you have been carrying her all day.”

The moral of the story … 

If you feel people have wronged you in the past, let you down or somehow hurt you it does not help you in any way to hold on to the hurt.  Holding onto a grudge, or an upset does not really affect the person you are annoyed with, it actually only weighs you down and hurts you.

So what past hurts may you be holding onto that you might not even realise – take a little time to think about what you can let go of, and then see how much lighter you feel when you do.

With love

Angela x

Life Coach, Artist and Specialist in the Art of Play – find out more here

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