After many months of working on this piece I’m pleased to say that this weekend it finally informed me it is finished! 

I often get asked “what do you mean the piece told you it is finished?” well that is a tricky question to answer.  The only way I can describe my process as an intuitive artist is I keep working on the piece, I paint, I step back and appraise it, I go back in and paint some more and all the time I listen for its clues and its guidance.  While I am listening I cannot push the painting to conclusion, quite the contrary the painting guides me. 


Then one day, and after one final stroke of the brush I get that wonderful aha! moment when I step back again and the piece says “here I am – can you finally see me?’  I breathe a sigh of satisfied relief and put down my paint brush. (For the full story see blog post)

This particular piece took a very long time to complete, my work schedule was jam packed to bursting, my commitments to other projects took precedence and yet all the time this piece waited in the wings. 

The images are very much about what has been happening in my life recently….  the outer edges are full of frenetic energy and structure, a feeling of being busy, yet constrained and time bound.  The centre by contrast is calm and serene, and represents being in place of creative meditation – it is my creative energy standing in front of the canvas.  I have called the piece ‘Back to the void’ because that is what the canvas spoke to me.  To me the void is not an empty place, but is where life is simple, where I breathe in inspiration and breathe out creativity.

The piece will hang on my wall at home for now so I can appreciate it for a little while, then it will find another home and I hope will bring calm and inspiration to whoever hangs it in their home or office.

To see the history of this piece please take a peek into the studio here … and if you are interested in purchasing the piece please contact me here …

You can also watch as I begin to work on the largest piece I have ever tackled at 1.45m x 1.45m – I can’t wait to get started – bring it on!

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