Sunday 31st May 2015 was a very wet and grey day in Auckland, New Zealand.  But at my ‘Painting Happiness’ workshop at Lake House Arts Centre there was sunshine in the studio.  I was so honoured to be guiding a group of inspirational ladies through a day of meditation, painting, oracle readings and sharing. 

painting happiness



One by one the creative adventurers arrived into the sanctury of the studio out of the cold and the rain, to be welcomed for a day of painting manifesting mandalas.  We played with drawing mandalas first, then I guided them through a magical colour meditation before finally we put paint on the canvas – how exciting!

painting happiness 6




We filled our canvasses with all of the energy that we would like to manifest in our lives.  We wrote our inspirational words and sayings in the early layers and we painted symbols to represent all the goodness we want to bring to ourselves.  Each canvas was filled with love and emotion.  The safe and sacred space that we created allowed each of us to be ourselves, fun, laughter and some tears were shared  – and all of it was just perfect.


It never ceases to amaze me that each of the adventurers created such different works with the same materials – like the wonderful women who made them each was unique and beautiful in their own ways.

Painting Happiness May 2015As I gathered them all together for the final round up to take the last photo of the day I felt blessed to have spent such a fabulous day with these creative souls – and can’t wait until I get to do it again, and again and again!

Thank you all!

Angela x

If you are interested in painting happiness with me I have just announced my final painting happiness workshop for 2015 which will be held on Sunday 27th September.  Click here … for more information or to book. 

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