Create your future – 4 week programme

Create your future

You know there is much more to life than what you have right now…

Everyone else seems happy enough just existing, but you know something’s missing. You can’t be bothered with all that surface chit-chat about the weather, the kids or last night’s telly. You want – no, you need – more.

You’ve read the self help books and tried ‘following your intuition’, but all those meditations and affirmations are getting you nowhere. You’re starting to wonder if all this ‘woo woo’ stuff is ever going to work for you.

It’s time to step up and start creating your life in full technicolour. To re-ignite the REAL you and connect with a community of like-minded women who’ve got your back and will “high five” you as you step into your dreams.


What would it be like to go from this 


Creating happiness


to this…..


creating happiness

Create your future is a 4 week group programme that will take your life from grey to technicolour

Artistic play is the simplest (and the most fun) way to step away from your everyday ‘to do’ list and into your creative power.

This four-week creative group coaching will teach you how to tap into your creative energy in minutes. You’ll learn how to hop off the mental merry-go-round of self-sabotage and a million-reasons-why-not, so you can tackle life’s challenges from a fresh perspective.

When you lift yourself above all that mental chatter and tap into your creative strength, you let go of the stories in your head that are keeping you stuck. You’ll reconnect to your deepest desires and paint yourself into the energy of the life you long to create.  

You’ll tap into a strength and resilience you never knew you had and leave class feeling more expansive, lighter and filled with possibility.  (That’s if I can get you to leave at all. Most students tell me they don’t want the class to end).

Ready to create the life you love

I am offering this programme at just $540 – and even better news you can spread this over 6 payments. Click here to join now. 

Create your future includes

  • 8 hours of group coaching in my personal creative sanctuary. (4 weekly sessions x 2 hrs).
  • You’ll learn how to figure out what’s holding you back, connect with your true desires and make a creative plan to guide you to where you want to go.
  • Simple techniques to tap into your intuition in minutes – anytime, anywhere
  • A sacred symbol reading, to help you tap into your creative energy and discover who you really are.
  • A yantra and sacred symbol (intuitively painted by you), representing everything you desire in life.
  • Along with a daily affirmation to make manifesting your dreams an easy peasy process.
  • All materials, handouts, tuition and guidance to create your own intuitive art.
  • Weekly email support to make sure you’re on your desired path.
  • Membership to my Creating Happiness tribe.

BOOK NOW with a $90 deposit – then five further payments of $90 every two weeks (Total $540)


This 4 week course will begin at the end of October, 2016 at my private studio in Torbay – exact day/date to be announced.

Time: 7pm till 9pm each Monday

All materials are included.