On the first Monday of each month I meet with my ‘Tribe’ of Creative Adventurers in Takapuna, and guide them through Whitney Freya’s amazing book ‘The Artist Within’ a guide to becoming Creatively Fit.

The ‘Tribe’ are a very diverse group of ladies who have come together to share time creating and having fun whilst working on their inner journey.  To me they are inspirational (though I suspect they may not think so themselves).  To be open to come together and share their thoughts and feelings is such an amazing thing.  The Creative Adventurers are so supportive and bring a wonderful energy which reminds why I became a coach in the first place.

So as a treat this month I have been working on something special for them ….. ‘Inspiration Cards’ – each one has a unique message, and the ‘Tribe’ will select them unseen.  In the past I have found that each card and message makes it’s way to the person it is meant for.


This is my way of giving the ‘Tribe’ a reminder that they too are inspirational, not only to me but to others.  I can’t wait to see who takes home which message!

Blessings x

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