I love to bring you the stories of my fellow creatives.  Stories of women just like you that have found creativity later in life, who have found that the stories they were telling themselves about not being creative were not true.  I want them to share their stories to show you that you can be whatever you truly want to be.

This month I am bringing one of the most funny, heart centred artists and coaches I know – Karen Sachs.  We regularly catch up to paint together over Skype from her home in Burbank California.

Welcome Karen to Living Life In Colour – please introduce yourself…

Hi, I am Karen Sachs and an artist at heart. I love learning about myself. My life used to be around my career in the Entertainment business. I wanted my name in the lights to prove something. To get noticed. Then I discovered painting. It all happened when I moved into an apartment and had a blank wall that needed a picture. Not liking anything I saw, it was suggested that I purchase a canvas and paint something of my own. I didn’t have any training, but I did it. I found how my anxiety would calm down as I painted. I had so much fun doing it. Now my life is all about creating and being my true self or true essence. Being okay with being that person. That all started when I discovered personal growth workshops and realised who I was. Some of it wasn’t pretty. However, what I learned is powerful and helps me create a more extraordinary life.

My newest creation is assisting others to love their own true essence. Who they were meant to be. What it feels like to be in your essence and loving it – loving you is an amazing feeling. I feel that after I have combine my two passions (personal growth & art) into a workshop. I am in a painting that is taking me to an extraordinary life.  Come play with me!

karen picWhere do you practice your CREATIVE living?

At home. I live in an apartment and put up all my artwork. I feel like I am in my own gallery. One of the corners and my dining room table is where I work mostly now. I used to go to a Studio every Saturday for years to paint and hang out with other artists.

What was your journey to becoming an artist?

It all started by splashing colour on a canvas and making an abstract painting. All this energy came out.

Karen SachsOct 31 2013 4


What inspires you to create?

Mostly it is a picture that pulls me in. I start seeing myself in the picture. I listen to the feeling.

What do you love about being an artist?

Creativity and colour. How both of those takes me out of my funk and into a great space about life.


What essential mistakes have you learned from along the way?

I have learned and still learning about trusting or faith. The mistake is not trusting or believing that all will be ok. If I let anxiousness, pressure or disbelieve in the way, then things don’t happen. I have to remember that I should never doubt the path I am on. It is easy to forget that, but it is true. When I do believe, than I am my true essence.

Karen Sachs Sun WaterOct 31 2013 2What is your favourite piece of equipment and why?

I have two that I like to mix up – I started off painting so it is my love. However, when I make a glass mosaic, it is like putting a puzzle together. It is thrilling to see what it is going to ultimately going to look like. I guess that is going back to trusting the process. I have also dabbled in hand building pottery and have attached to a painting or mosaic.

Do you have any tips for new artists?

Trust and try. Play with colour and see where it takes you.

What is one thing about you which you think would surprise people?

I love how the brain works. I am an X-Drama Queen. I used to create stories in my head (who doesn’t right?!) that were so off track as to what happened to only make my own life miserable – full of drama – tantrums. Of course I didn’t start learning about all of this or believing it until I was in years of Personal Growth workshops.

Even therapy really didn’t work. I just got to dump out my problems. Nothing was resolved. Productive Learning & Leisure taught me to laugh at me! And so I did. The past 5-6 years I have reduced my drama by looking at my thinking and creating the extraordinary life that I do want. Sometimes it is hard to see that the old crap isn’t working. 
One of the fun areas that I am still working on is my romantic love life. It might surprise people that I have a Ken Doll. The Ken Doll was originally given as a gag gift. I kept it in it’s box for years. I finally took it out thinking that it would bring in a man into my life. Still hasn’t because I don’t want a “plastic” or “fake” man. I want one where I can have a real conversation with … organic conversation like my Taco Bell guy.

Yep, met a person, who happened to be a male at TB. There wasn’t any table to sit at so I invited him to sit with me. He did. We had an amazing conversation with him. At the end of our meal, we went our separate ways. What a great opportunity! As I left, my girl brain radar went off, wait that was a guy, a cute guy…why didn’t he ask for my number?! LOL.  Don’t you just love how the brain works?! 

KarenSachsaNov 01 2013 2


Thank you so much for spending the time with me Karen – I loved your answers.

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  1. aw! LOVE this interview with Karen! beautiful story and pictures and so so embodies YOU! thank you Angela! I love these interviews! xo

    1. Thank you Nadia – I think you should be on here my talented friend xxx

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