This month I am very excited to bring you an interview with fellow artist Jody Bennett March – we have so much in common from being ‘corporate girls’ for most of working lives to having the overwhelming drive to do something meaningful with our creativity. 

Jody hails from Pennsylvania in the US and I her for the first time in person earlier this year and I love her no nonsense style, her frank honesty and I feel very honoured that she has chosen to allow me to take you behind the scenes in her creative life.


I hope you get as much inspiration from this month’s  “Creatives Living Life In Colour” interview as I did, as Jody talks about stepping into your creativity even when it scares the pants off you!  Enjoy ….

For about the past 15 years, I had this nudge, this itch from my soul, that I was not doing the work I was meant to do.  But I kept on keeping on, as most of us do.  Bills to pay, kids to raise and really no understanding of what else I could do.  I was “corporate girl”.

Just about the time I turned 40, that nudge, that itch, turned into a brick wall.   It was like my soul would no longer let me stay in that environment, which by this time, had literally made me sick.  Not to mention miserable. It was time.  Change was no longer “optional”.

Fast forward a few years, my life is completely different.  The journey in finding your soul’s purpose is much less about skill, and much more about getting out of your own way.  When you understand that we are all here as creators – and that we all create our experiences, it gives you a new mindset, a new “yes”, and a shared human purpose.

Hear the music


Hi there! My name is Jody Bennett March.  I am a Visual Life and Biz Coach.  My business is around igniting people from within.  To get out of your own way, to get clear on what it is you are meant to do, and to do it.  It’s simple.  We tend to dismiss our unique talents and gifts and fully embrace our limiting beliefs.  Putting others up on a pedestal is easy.  Now we need to allow ourselves vulnerability in stepping up on that pedestal and be beside those we admire.  I can guarantee you, those you admire, are admiring you right back.  Embrace your bad-ass. Embrace your truest self and introduce yourself to the world.  That is what my business is about.


Where do you practice your CREATIVE living?

If creative living is a mindset, then I practice creative living everywhere! But mostly, I practice my creativity in a small cottage which is next to my house.  It is an intentional, sacred space.  When I am in this cottage, I am centred, ideas seem to flow and clarity ensues.

What was your journey to becoming an artist?

About 3 years ago, my soul was nudging me: painting, painting, painting.  It was something I had avoided for years. I come from a very artistic family and I had never let my artist out.  So I looked at it as something to conquer.

I began experimenting in my cabin.  Painting emotions.  Painting pain from my 8 year old little girl.  From my 15 year old teenage self.  It was intimate, sacred, healing and empowering.  I wanted to go further.

After trying some traditional painting methods online, I decided I had to have purpose in my painting.  I needed exploration, freedom and insights.  That is when I was introduced to Whitney Freya’s program and immediately signed up to be a coach.



What inspires you to create?

Creation is like the very core of my being. I love to create.  I love to have vision, see solutions, be innovative and forget about the rules.  Painting in particular is literally a tool I use.  It’s like grabbing a hammer to hit the nail on the head.  When I paint, everything melts away.  When I’m stuck, painting gets me unstuck.  When I’m angry, painting calms me.  When I need an idea, painting gets the creative flow flowing. When I feel afraid, painting makes me feel bad-ass and bold.  These feelings and needs are what inspires me to paint.



What do you love about being an artist?

Being a life artist, allows me freedom I have never felt before.  It is now a personal truth versus a limiting belief.  It is a tool that is readily and easily available to use at any given time.  It inspires others and ignites me.

What essential mistakes have you learned from along the way?

I subscribe to the thinking of “What’s in the Way is the Way” (which is a title of a book and I love it).  Meaning, there really aren’t mistakes, but learnings.  When I’ve felt incredible resistance to facing the fear of that canvas, I pushed through.  Because there was no other choice.  I learned something new everytime, including what seemed a “mistake” was actually correctable and gave me an opportunity to create something new by focusing on what I WANTED.

In the studio

What is your favourite piece of equipment and why?

I have two pieces of equipment that are my faves: my hands and my intuition.  I always start with a paintbrush and within I’d say about 2-3 minutes, I can’t take it anymore and I throw my fingers into the paint.  I like using my hands because it just feels right.  I can make marks differently than with a brush.

My intuition is my other piece of equipment I love because through my experiences, my intuition has increased greatly.  I love it because I have learned how to trust it and it guides me during any creative process.


Do you have any tips for new artists?

Trust.  You are an artist already, you just have to let him/her out.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable and realize….it is JUST a painting (or whatever the product is).  Learning comes with practice. Learn from others, but put your own spin on it – no matter how wacky it may feel.  Breathe and keep going!

FlameWhat is one thing about you which you think would surprise people?

I am full of skills that aren’t really “skills”.  In fact, they are mostly useless.  For example, I know how to call up a fox when in the wild.  I do a “dying rabbit” call with my mouth.  Works like a charm.  Another skill is that I can identify lots of wildlife poop.  Yep. Poop.  And one more – I am an expert animal spotter.  I am literally ALWAYS looking for wildlife.  It’s ingrained in me from a game we would play as a kid.  In fact, this year, I am very happy to report the groundhog population is WAY up.  Maybe I should have kept this all to myself…

If you would like to find out more about Jody you can connect with her via her website

Or via her Facebook page

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Angela x

12 thoughts on “Creatives Living Life In Colour – Jody Bennett March

  1. Thank you Angela and Jody!
    I LOVE this story, it is wonderful!
    I love the pictures of Jody, she’s such a remarkable and gorgeous woman. I too had the pleasure of meeting her and enjoying her energy!!
    We are all on a journey and it beautiful how you both are able to share it so openly with us.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Leni – it is so wonderful to be in a position to show my followers how they too can be a creative. To show them that even if you did not go to art school, or you have not spent all of your life being an artist that there is still time to give it a go!!!

      Lovely to hear from you Leni x

  2. Inspiring story, especially impressed that Jody can call a fox! Great evocative photos too.

    1. I know how cool is that – I love it when it comes to the questions about what would suprise people about you !! Lovely to hear from you Christine x

  3. Good stuff!

  4. very inspiring!
    Love your skills!

  5. beautiful writing and sharing jody! thank you angela for this interview!

    1. Thanks Nadia – it’s the artists that make it interesting 🙂 x

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