Creatives Living Life In Colour my regular blog spot is proud to introduce you to a truly soulful artist Tiffiny Lilley.  Tiffiny is both an artist and a creativity coach, who just loves people! Tiffiny practices her Creative Living anywhere she can create opportunity. Several days a month she can be found at Courtyard Towers Senior Living Residence in downtown Mesa Arizona USA where she creatively coaches the residents. Tiffiny also runs private painting, art journal workshops and one on one opportunities in her studio throughout the year.  Welcome Tiffiny!


Lily Tiffiny LilieyWhat was it that called you to become a creativity coach?

I believe that Art and Creativity are our birth right and that we are all born creative, and yet in today’s world, we are directed away from creativity. Which leaves most of our thinking left brained; “get it done” and “check off the list” stuff. Not fun and a contributing factor to depression and millions of unhappy people. So I made a choice, to share how I create my own happiness and how something as simple as a 10 minute daily creative practice can change your life.

What was your journey to becoming an artist?

Becoming an artist was more about remembering that I am, we all are, born artists. And this exactly what I aim to share in my coaching practice. As a kid I surrounded by creative adults, including my parents. But somewhere along the way many of us are told, we are not that creative. That we shouldn’t bother with art or a creative practice because we’ll never be successful, whatever that means…

Here’s the thing, unlike some people I know who have had unhappy art class experiences, I think it was my own inner critic that sabotaged me! You know the, “you’re not good enough” self-talk. So my journey has been one of getting out of my own way and allowing. I discovered in the process that my purpose is to share what I have learned about starting a creative practice and that we can create our own happiness.

CreativesTiffiny Liley Girl



What inspires you to create?

For a long time I thought I had to go find inspiration or I had to sit and wait to be inspired. It turns out I just needed to allow myself to see inspiration! It has always been right in front of me, I just happened to be looking somewhere else! What is always on my path and always inspiring are the people I meet. Nice people, I find them everywhere I go.



What do you love about being an artist?

There is so much to love about being an artist, but what I love most is knowing that I am the sole creator of my own happiness. What was once something that I believed was out of reach is now something that I can create everyday no matter where in the world I happen to be. My motto #paintyourselfhappy.

What essential mistakes have you learned from along the way?

Mistakes are another interesting topic. Looking back (in hindsight) mistakes seem more like opportunities to learn. So how about this, what I have learned is that in order to make good art you have to make a lot of bad art. Go make mistakes, go make messy art. All the while being gentle with yourself and aim to let go of the judgement.

Creatives Living Life In Colour Tiffiny LileyWhat is your favourite piece of equipment and why?

My favorite piece of equipment right now, today, would have to be paper clips. Funny I know. I do a lot of sharing on how to repurpose books into art journals and paper clips make it all possible. Clothes pins also work well to hold down canvas when covering a book.

Do you have any tips for new artists?

My number one tip for anyone looking to become more creative would be, start a daily creative practice. Set aside just 10 minutes a day to be creative with a BIG focus on letting go of judgement. In those 10 mins allow yourself to have fun with whatever materials you have (paper and some markers will do) and just be aware of the self-talk.

Tiffiny Lilley Chicken


What is one thing about you which you think would surprise people?

I am a backyard chicken keeper… Which means, my family extends beyond my husband and two daughters to include 2 dogs 3 cats and a whole flock of cluckers! I love my chickens.


Thank you Tiffiny I really enjoyed your answers!



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  1. Great feature! Love your face painting Tiffiny!

  2. Isn’t she wonderful – I think her students in the retirement community are very lucky.

    Lovely to hear from you Christine x

  3. beautiful! thank you for sharing your story Tiffiny! thank you for featuring amazing artists Angela!

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