Intuitive colour palette training

Welcome to your ‘Discover your intuitive colour palette’ experience

I’m super excited that you have chosen to join me to discover the colour palette your soul is calling out for.

Finding your intuitive colour palette is just one part of becoming an Intuitive Artist, but it is an important part.

Choosing the right colours every time

Have you ever wondered how other artists seem to be able to find the exact right colours every time? I know I used to follow other artists on Instagram and drool at their yummy colour choices. Well by the time you have completed this training you will be well on the way to mastering that skill too!

What you can expect

In this 3 part series I share with you a simple process to tap into your intuitive colour palette, using paints you already have in your art kit.

You will create

By the end this training you will have created at least one intuitive colour palette. You can create several palettes. After all your inner muse is bound to want to play, be curious and have fun. She may want different colour palettes to suit her mood.

and ….

You will also create a super useful swatch kit, so that you can choose exactly the right colour when you need it. And you will be able to reproduce them consistently.



Welcome! Here are the materials you will need



Got you materials ready? Let’s jump into the process!

Now you have your materials join me in video #2 as I demonstrate this simple yet profound process. I encourage you begin to paint along with me, then put on some music and enjoy the experience for your self.



Now let’s create your Intuitive Colour Swatches!

How much fun was creating your palette? I love them so much, they look like their own beautiful works of art.

Now that you have created your intuitive colour palette or palettes – this final video will show you how to create your swatches so you can select the colours you have created, and know how to make them consistently.

The swatches are useful when you mid painting or near the end, so you can select the exact colour your soul is calling for at any time.



Want to learn how to be a confident intuitive artist?

Now that you have discovered your own intuitive colour palette, you are one step closer to becoming a confident intuitive artist. Congratulations on taking this opportunity.

If you would like to know how to step up to a BIG blank canvas and paint your own magical art from your soul – find out more about my unique Dream BIG Paint BIG live online experience here.