Have you ever wondered why you doodle when you are listening to a phone call, or sitting in a long meeting? No it’s not that you are just bored, or being rude! It’s more likely because doodling helps you retain more information. According to the results of a 2009 Applied Cognitive study it was shown if you doodle whilst listening to a presentation or a lecture you actually retain 30% more information than someone who just sits and listens – so doodle away!

I’ve known for some time that doodling or colouring help me to access my inner knowing,  getting past the mind chatter and letting me drop into my creative self. Doodling, drawing or crafting stimulates the right side creative centre of your brain.

The simple act of creating allows you to make connections between things that you may otherwise not have come up with. Just 10 minutes a day getting lost in a doodle can help you get to know yourself better, to access your inner wisdom, your intuition – how simple is that!

When I am facilitating my programmes I teach a number of simple techniques to help my students (or as I prefer to call them Creative Adventurers) to access the infinite potential of the right side of their brains. Not only does it help solve problems or achieve self guidance it also helps to pin point what is happening emotionally.

Sitting in front of a blank piece of paper and being asked to write how you feel can be daunting, personally I know I would go blank, or write what I think I ‘should’ write. But put a pencil in my hand and let me doodle on a question or a feeling and I can draw it no problem!

It’s not about making fantastic art, it’s not even about drawing something someone else will recognise, it’s about the process. It’s about tapping into your inner wisdom, getting past the chatter and the TO DO LIST of your left brain and just playing.

So now when you are sitting in a meeting and struggling to retain everything that is being said just start doodling, and if anyone looks at you strangely you can tell them “Doodling is proven to improve your cognitive retention skills – it official”. You will be amazed how many more creative ideas you will come up with than before, and you never know it may just catch on in your meetings.

Have fun doodlers!

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