I know what it is like to trapped in a deadlock with my worst enemy – talking negatively about her and dissing her life. But did she deserve it? ermmmm no!!

You see my worst enemy is not another person, it is often my own thoughts about myself, my situation, my life. It is easier than you think to get trapped in stinking thinking about yourself, to talk negatively about yourself in your own head.

Thank goodness I found a way to escape the clutches of my negative thoughts…

I remember feeling completely trapped, trapped in a marriage that was not feeding my soul, trapped in a career with a company that had dubious ethics when it came to dealing with its staff and it’s suppliers. I believed that this was the way life was and I was supposed to “suck it up”. Even worse I believed that “following your passion” was for other people and not for me.  OMG can you believe that???

I remember creating a vision board and questioning how was it possible to combine my corporate career and my passion business – even though I put it on the board I know that I immediately undid it with negative self-talk – after all “Who am I to have a dream of following my passion, and being happy in my work? Who am I to dream of more? I should be grateful for having a good paying career, shouldn’t I?”

To be quite frank it was exhausting being in my head.

So what changed? How did I escape my worst enemy? I discovered the power of being creative.

First – let’s dispel the myths about creativity…

Myth #1 – Being creative isn’t about being an artist, it’s not about painting pretty pictures or writing the next bestseller. Being creative is actually the skill to take something that already exists, or situations in our lives and reimagine them. Creativity is a way of reframing something that is not working, getting a new perspective on it and then coming up with new ideas.

Myth #2 – Creativity is not just for the chosen few, the naturally gifted or for those who went to art school. The good news is that creativity is something that can be learned. You are already creative, you’re just not using it to its full potential. Creativity is a muscle that you need to exercise – and that is much easier than it sounds!

Myth #3 – Following your creative passion is not just for other people. It turns out that this myth, in particular, is BS!! Whatever your passion is, it is with you for a reason, that is why it keeps pestering you to listen to it. Ignore it at your peril or you could end up living someone else’s life.

So how did I escape?

The simple creative skills I’ve learned have helped me to be brave enough to try something different. Creativity showed me that I don’t have to be perfect and that making mistakes is not only ok but is also a great place I grow from. Creativity helped me to reframe my situation, get a new perspective and taught me how to ‘think outside of the box’ and make my career and passion business work for me.

My life coach training taught me how to go into my shadow spaces, to shine a light on my darkest thoughts and hold space for my dreams. It gave me the skills to be able to offer that as a hand up to others in the same situation.

I can even see now from a different perspective that my now part time corporate career helps me take the skills I have learned and apply them to my own business, and I no longer see the 35 years in corporate as selling out but I now see them as a necessary learning curve.  

I am still on my journey, but now it is full of colour, full of laughter, love and community – booya!!!

So my question to you this day is …

“What dream or passion are trying to stuff down and keep quiet?” or “What situation are you putting up with because you believe that is how it is supposed to be?” and “How wonderful would your life be if every day you were living the life you love?”

Don’t leave it until it is too late, you deserve more.


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