Do you have your word for the year?

Do you set New Year’s resolutions only to see them fail in January – I know I do.  I’ve always wondered why that is the case – if something is so important to me to make a resolution then why would I not do it.  I think I may have found the reason.  Having a resolution is too rigid, too specific and it becomes a rule.

Anyway in 2016 a wonderful friend of mine suggested instead of resolutions I could create a word for the year. Not something I have done before, but I liked the idea because it felt less restrictive.  

So I went off and researched this ‘Find your word’ phenomenon and gave it a go, and now  I have again found a single word that encapsulates everything I want to achieve in this year. And even better …  every time I do something this year as long as it fits with my word of the year I will know that I am on track. Woop woop – very excited!!!

So how did I find my word?  I will explain …

3 Simple steps to finding your word of the year

Step #1

Take just a few minutes to sum up what you want your life to be like this year and importantly how you would like to feel (connecting with the emotion of this is important for your subconscious to understand it is a priority for you).  Now write what you want for your year in a paragraph of around 5 sentences maximum.  

For example I wrote “This year I’m taking more time for myself, my family and my creative projects. I’ll accept nothing less than a “hell yes!” to do those things that truly light me up. I’ll ask for help with the necessary things that I don’t want to do. I’ll feel relaxed, in control and abundant as there is freedom in my life and biz. I’ll be open to bring in whatever the universe has in store for me to achieve this or something better”

Don’t skip this step it is really important.

Step #2

Take the paragraph you have created and condense it to 1 sentence which encapsulates what you want to achieve – this is actually quite tricky.  Make sure your 1 sentence covers all the important aspects of what you want.

For example I wrote … “This year I will only work on projects that energise me, resulting in an abundance of time, fun and financial prosperity.”

Again don’t skip this step it is really important.

Step #3

Spend a few minutes looking at your sentence and decide what your word for the year will be.  You don’t need to restrict yourself to a word you wrote in your sentence –  it just needs to be a word that covers everything you wrote.  It could be a noun (a word that describes what you want or how you want to feel) or it could be a verb (a word that describes what you are going to do).  The word is personal to you and it has to have meaning to you.

I found it really tricky to nail the single word so I highlighted some key words from my sentence (energise, abundance, time) and I used to come up with ideas for my final word.

So my word for this year is ‘Ease’

This one word encapsulates taking back time for myself, while running my heart centred business delivering incredible personal value for my clients.  Ease also represents being in flow with the universe, allowing time, help, money, fun etc come to me (ie not stressing about what I should be doing). This word also represents expanding my universal consciousness which is something I have decided is important for me to continue this year. 

I’m now going to print this word off and stick it all over the house, keep it in my wallet and have it on my screen saver.

How did you get on finding your word?  Do share I would love to hear what is in store for your year – how magical is this!!!

Angela x

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Inspiration for this post came from : Kim Denne –

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