One of the very first posts I wrote on this blog was ‘Finding my tribe with Flora Bowley’ (US artist, author and teacher) at the time I had just come back from a wonderful week long retreat in Bali with Flora where I had learned what it was truly like to completely let go of the outcome in my painting process and to completely trust my intuition.

The experience of being in Bali with Flora and 18 other amazing artists really ignited something in me.  I found the need to connect with other creative spiritual goddesses, the feeling of being connected by my tribe was a wonderful one and I wanted more.  


While in Bali I spoke with Flora about how I was searching for my tribe and had not found it yet in New Zealand, then she said something to me that changed my whole direction “if you haven’t found your tribe then make your own”. 

A year later so much has changed for both of us.  The universe delivered to me inspiration in the form of Whitney Freya (US artist, author and coach) who showed me how to attract my tribe.  I now hold regular workshopsbook and art club events where I have met my fellow creative adventurers, and the word is spreading as more and more of us find each other, and share fun, creativity and soulful moments.

Flora and AngAs for Flora she now has a wonderful new studio in Portland, and her new love … her dog Pearl (who has a online following of her own now!).  In February I was sooooo blessed to be invited to hang out with Flora (as you can see from this really dodgy selfie!) and was also reunited with Lynzee Lynx another artist with whom Flora collaborates.  I was so excited as I wanted to say thank you to Flora for inspiring me.  As I told her of the words that had changed my direction she said with a quiet knowing smile “Yes I remember that conversation in the pool”, she just knew what she had set in motion.

Floras studioI spent the most wonderful day painting with Flora and Lynx, and was so honoured to be able to see behind the scenes in their creative process.  To share such a relaxed time, painting, laughing and being inspired to keep following my own path was more than I could have dreamed of.  It feels like I had another creative energy boost, and I can’t wait to see where I am in another 12 months time – maybe I will need a further Portland top-up.


For those of you who are fans of Floras work I am attaching a link here … to a recent blog interview in Amulet Magazine where she was asked about whether she learned her wild creativity or was born like that – I love her responses!  So I hope you enjoy the blog post and maybe you along with me will be finding inspiration with Flora Bowley!

A piece of Flora Bowley ArtIn the meantime I will head back to my studio where I have this beautiful piece or Flora art to remind me of my wonderful day in Portland painting up a storm with Flora and Lynx and I will take that inspiration to my canvas once again!


Angela x

2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration with Flora Bowley

  1. What a lovely post. Great artist. .great fun. .

    1. Thank you Georgianna – Yes she is a lovely artist, and she has taught me a lot about the art of letting go:-)

      Lovely to connect with you here.

      Angela x

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