Stress comes upon us in many different forms from restless or lack of sleep, anxious feelings in our bodies, panic, anger or deep sorrow. We all go through stressful situations in our own ways.

As women we often take on the burden of stress not only for ourselves but for our families – we believe we have to be the strong ones.


As a result of holding the fort for everyone involved we finally crack under the pressure

we put on weight, or dramtically lose weight, we damage ourselves but not listening to our bodies and often our bodies will decide enough is enough and force us to listen.

stressI know this to be true because I have been in that situation so many times, and only now at the age of 52 am I learning to actually listen. Last year following some major family issues with our teenager my body decided enough was enough because as a result of not listening to my body and putting myself last I ended up with high blood pressure and exhaustion due to stress. I could have spotted the signs earlier but I was not listening, or I was actively ignoring – thinking I am strong I can handle this.

And so I was forced to rest, I was forced to listen – my body finally got me to hear it.

I am a great believer in you can choose to view a situation in many different ways

If all you see is the negative side of the situation then that is what you will get. On the other hand I am not a total Polyanna – I do recognise that life sucks sometimes -whether you are positive about it or not.



I find myself in the throws of another stessful situation as I write 

My part-time job of 7 years which has supported me whilst growing my business will come to an end before the end of this year. My role is no longer required. My initial reaction was interesting on one hand my creative brain was saying Woop! as I get the chance to grow my business, and the logical side was shouting Panic! Emergency! Trouble ahead!

It was so interesting to watch both sides battle it out for supremecy and in the short term the creative brain won. I felt light, I felt less burndened I felt free – Euphoric even. That was yesterday. And today I feel work out with all of the thinking, the what if-ing, the future projections and the question “what does this look like going forward?”

stressSo today I am taking my own medicine

I am just looking to see what the first step is – after I have taken myself for a long bath, with candles, a good book and probably a snooze. Over the weekend I am attending a 2 day right brain Mindscape workshop, which is amazing timing and then next week I will get back into planning mode. But in the meantime I am listening to my body and I am looking after myself.

My message today, if you are feeling stressed

You don’t always have to be the strong one, it is ok to reach out for help, it is ok to take to your bed and pull the covers over your head, it is ok to cry to feel sad to feel angry – that is your right. So just as I will be doing this weekend take care, look after yourself and let others look after you too.



And if all else fails watch this cute cat video on YouTube!

Have a wonderful weekend.



PS if you’re feeling stressed, or life is getting just a little too hard and you need someone to talk to book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session with me, and let’s see what you need to get you back into flow and fun!

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