Last weekend I had the privilege to spend the day guiding a group of amazing ladies to ‘meet their inner artist’ at Mairangi Arts Centre.  The group was mostly of beginners who were looking to discover their creative side for the first time, and experienced artists who were looking to take a bold step in a new direction and let go of control.

We had such fun painting the symbol of wisdom, intuition and change – The Owl, which was perfect as we were learning about the transformative power of the creative right brain.  The creative part of you that tells you “You can do it! you can have your dreams and desires.”  Each owl, like their artist, was completely unique, colourful and beautiful in their own ways.

Owl line up week 1 - meet your inner artistSo many times during the day I heard the aha! moments when one of the students realised what was getting them stuck on the canvas was also a trait they had in the rest of their lives.  “I need to let go of control” or “I don’t want to make a mistake” followed by a laugh of realisation that it was not just on the canvas. 

I love those moments of realisation, and better still I love it when they push through and achieve such wonderfully colourful results.  I am very proud of my class, who were brave and were willing to be bold, be vulnerable and give something new a go – well done ladies!

Creative adventurers meeting their inner artistLayer 2 - Meet Your Inner ArtistLayer 1 - Meet your inner artist Having fun on the canvas





The second and final part of this workshop is in 2 weeks time – and I really can’t wait to see what they do with their new found confidence.  You guys are inspirational.

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