If I don’t create today I think I am going to go mad!!! That was the feeling that overwhelmed me when I woke up on Friday morning. I was tired, grumpy and completely lacking enthusiasm for the day. Before I’d had a chance to censor my right brain creative voice it was shouting “I need my ‘Creative Meditation’ I’ve got to paint!”

Earlier in the week I had travelled from New Zealand to Australia, spending 3 days in Sydney before returning home to Auckland. While I was there I ate healthily, drank plenty of water and I got to bed at a good hour. In fact I was a very lucky lady – I had a king size bed all to myself, and for once I did not have to fight for custody rights over the duvet. But for some reason I just could not sleep, and by the time I came home I was pretty exhausted.

I couldn’t understand why this trip was so hard on me, the meetings went well, the work hours were ok, and really I’d had a good trip. But my Inner Artist knew what I had done – I’d had a whole 5 days without creating. I had not picked up a brush, a pencil or a pen even to doodle. I’d had a whole 5 days of storing up stress, ignoring my right brain creative voice; I’d completely ignored my Inner Artist.

In my rush to get the job done I had overlooked my own promise to myself “being creative every day” even for just 5 or 10 minutes, to settle my mind and nurture my Inner Artist. Ok so I know that I should actually practice what I preach in my ‘The Artist Within’ Book Club … but hey I am human right?

Have I learned anything from all of this?  Well in just under a week I am heading back to Australia again, and yet again I will take full advantage of being able to starfish in the enormous king size bed, and I just might have a bubble bath each night (just because I can!) . The difference this time is I am planning to pamper my Inner Artist, so I have already packed an “Emergency Creativity Kit” in preparation – I won’t get caught out again – bring it on!!!!

Please Note: The Emergency Creativity Kit featured above is not an actual product – I made this up for comedic purposes (unless somone wants to retail it, in which case I am patenting the idea LOL)

Have a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “If I don’t create today I think I am going to go mad!!!

  1. Great post Angela, what a good idea – I always feel that way too when I don’t do anything creative, it’s amazing what a difference it can make letting the creativity out to play even for five minutes!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I find that even just doodling for 5 minutes makes all the difference – it allows my logical left brain to check out and my creative right brain to freewheel for just a little while – then I feel human again 🙂

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