I was up in the bedroom getting ready to go out when I heard a skittering noise on the wooden floor downstairs. My dog Liquorice was frantically trying to get from one room to another, and as we have wooden floors his feet sometimes slip and slide.

Anyway, the reason why he was feeling so jittery was due to a really small trigger he has taken on. Liquorice doesn’t like the sound of clipping of fingernails – the clipping noise sets him off and he gets scared and shaky.

It took us a while to realise that this behaviour was a result of having a fly zapper in the kitchen where he slept when he was younger, and the random zapping had upset him. So now we have a dog that is triggered by anything that sounds remotely similar.

This incident got me to thinking how I see a lot of this similar behaviour in my 1:1 coaching clients (I don’t mean fear of nail clipping, or fly zapping by the way).

I work with clients who come to me with things that are holding them back. Behaviours or fears that they want to change.  Often these fears are the result of something that happened many years ago. It could have been an insignificant event in childhood that over the years to which they’ve added more and more evidence to support their thoughts. It is not a conscious process, but it is a powerful one as it can create triggers around certain situations which then become quite debilitating or restrictive.

Do you sometimes find there are things you can’t do, even if you’d like to because you feel scared or worried? You may even beat yourself up for the feeling because to you it is completely irrational.  And yes it is irrational but to your subconscious, it makes complete sense.

One of the really cool things about being a Life Coach is that I have the tools and processes to take you back to when these fears or behaviours started (even if you don’t know when that was) and then dissolve them.

One thing I will say to you as a client is:

“We can’t change the past, but we can change how you react to it in the future. To make the changes you want, we may visit the past, but we are certainly not staying. It is all about moving you forward.”

Clients like you, regularly come back to me and say “My goodness I had a fear of doing this since I was 10 years old and it’s stopped me from being with my family, doing things they wanted to do, having adventures, loads of different things. And after one or two sessions I can’t believe how easy it was to let it go and just be myself.”

This is one of the things that bring me joy as a Life Coach – helping you to move forward, getting you to release something that has held you back for 10, 20 maybe 30+ years from living the life you truly deserve. And to see your beaming smile when you achieve something you really want – and all it takes is working through a process with me. These are my simple pleasures.

So if there is something holding you back, even if you don’t know what it is please do book a 30-minute Discovery session with me and let’s see how I can help.

In the meantime, if you know a good dog life coach or psychologist drop me a line – I obviously need one.

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