For the past month I have been spending my Monday morning’s teaching a very diverse group of people at Albany Community House

You may not know but I am a migrant who has chosen to live in New Zealand (or God’s own country as the locals call it) and I have been so lucky to be accepted into the arms of this amazingly welcoming country.  So when I was asked to teach art to a diverse group of migrants from China, Taiwan, Korea, UK and Iran I jumped at the chance.

Jude Nigel and Rosa



Now I have to admit I only speak one of those languages (English) and some would argue with my geordie accent that speaking Queen’s english is not necessarily one of my strong points.  So the class quite often consisted of demonstrations, hand signals and talking loudly – but in all of that I discovered that art is universal, and everyone can take part no matter where they come from.

Alice and MichaelAge did not matter either – the youngest was 6 to the oldest who is 69, all they needed to do was trust in the process, re-discover childlike wonder and above all just have fun!  It was interesting to see how easily the children threw themselves into trying everything – not once did they day “I’m not artistic” or “I’m no good at this” they just went for it, colour, mark making, glitter and gold!

The adults were a little hard to convince, it’s amazing how often my students have doubts about their creative abilities, and how often they prove themselves wrong.  At first there was some resistence with the adults, especially when they looked at me like I had gone mad when I said “let’s try finger painting!” the resistence did not last long once they realised there was no right or wrong in my workshops.  They just had to give it a go and trust in the process.  As you can see the results for a class of beginners was stunning!

Not only did we learn about painting we also learned about the different cultures, and especially the traditional food as participants brought along treats for our final class.  They even went off on a field trip to one of the students farm to see a bit of Kiwi life, which was an unexpected bonus!

Angela and Jude


At the end of the workshop I finally told them they were going to have their own exhibition at Albany Library, once they got passed the shock they were all quite excited.  So for 2 weeks their wonderful artwork has be on display for the public, their faimly and friends to see – and I am a very proud teacher indeed.


This workshop was sponsored by Albany Community and Upper Harbour along with Living Life In Colour TM to promote diversity and community with spectacular success. 







If you are interested in finding out more about my up coming workshops please [su_button url=”” style=”bubbles” background=”#c5e30a” color=”#685c5c” size=”4″ radius=”round”]click here[/su_button] – I’d love to see you at a Living Life In colour TM workshop!

If you have a group who would like to give painting a try in a safe and fun workshop [su_button url=”” style=”bubbles” background=”#c5e30a” color=”#685c5c” size=”4″ radius=”round”]contact me here[/su_button] for a chat – look forward to hearing from you.  After all learning art is fun and childs play with Living Life In Colour TM.


Angela x




4 thoughts on “Learning art is fun and childs play!

  1. Awesome stuff Ange, you are creating magic where ever you go.

    1. That’s lovely to hear Lara – spreading sunshine and happiness I hope! Angela x

    1. Thanks Lara – such fun! xxx

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