Do you have a full time job or business? Do you also run the house schedule? Are you the grease that keeps the cogs of your business and family life going round? I have news for you – Sometimes you just need to let go of Little Miss Independent !!!

About six months ago my partner stopped me in my rushing aboutness and said “Sometimes you just need to let me look after you” and he was right – I was trying to be Little Miss Independent all the time – and that ladies is just darned exhausting.

Yes I am resourceful, yes I am strong, yes I am intelligent and yes I am independent – and YES that could be my undoing. I can be so independent that I get really tired, nearly on the verge of mental collapse. So what do I do about it?…….

I’ve learned to recognise when I need to ask for help, I take time for myself and my creativity, I fill up my souls tank. I give others the gift of being able to help me like I help them – now that feels good!

So today ask yourself “do I need someone to help me?”

I am a teacher, friend, supporter and cheerleader – I take my creative play seriously – it’s what keeps me energised to help ladies like you.

Angela x

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2 thoughts on “Little Miss Independent

  1. I love this Angela,

    It is so like me!!! Your help has been timely and amazing… I am so glad I had those sessions with you because it helped to get me head back on track again in a fun but positive clear way… very practical too!
    I was in a place of overwhelm but you helped me to step outside of myself and review my life. The painting has helped me more than you will ever know – I have started to find balance in my life again for the first time in ages! Painting has allowed me to find time to do other stuff too – just for me and I find that my work time is more productive as a result of this!
    Thank you, you have been awesome – the friend and coach that I needed at just the perfect time!
    Chrissy xx

    1. Hi Chrissy

      Everything happens for a reason, and we come together at the right times. I love how you have embraced the process and you are flying! I keep saying it but “watch out world” keep an eye on Chrissy Taylor in 2017 🙂 Angela xx

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