I like to think of Mandalas as creative meditation, and I often refer to them as such.  The act of using the same colour, making the same mark, repeating the same pattern over and over is soothing to the brain.  It is the same idea as a verbal mantra that you repeat, eventually you get into a repetitive rhythm and your mind calms.  Colouring in Mandalas is really enjoyable but it also has other benefits.  Creating or colouring Mandalas engages your creative brain and helps to quiteten your mental chatter.  The need to focus on what you are doing and the feeling of enjoyment give you a interval of calm in your day.

You can even use this time to ask your intuition a question, and whilst in this state of suspended creativity your answers will come.  I get the same feeling when I create I describe it as “looking down on my problems from a helicopter view” and while I am in this state I can look at the problems but not engage with the emotion.  Whether it is through painting or colouring it doesn’t matter – all of that is there for you to access with creativity.

A number of years ago I bought a book “World Mandalas” by Madonna Gauding which had some suggestions for ways in which you can use colouring in Mandalas to find answers to problems, to centre yourself etc…  My two favourites are listed below:

Relax and centre:

  • Choose a Mandala to colour.
  • Before you begin your colouring, ask yourself what you might do to change your life so that you have less stress and anxiety.
  • Colour your mandala any way you like.
  • When you have finished, write down ten ways in which might relieve stress in your life.  Be creative and don;t censor what your write.
  • Select three suggestions from your list and commit to making those changes in the next month.


  • Bring to mind a current problem that is especially difficult or worrisom.  Write down your concern as best your can, including two solutions that you may be considering.
  • Choose a Mandala that you intuitively feel holds a solution to your problem.  If you son’t get a ‘vibe’ from any of the mandalas, simply pick one that attracts you at this moment,
  • Colour your Mandala in any way you choose.
  • When you have complete the design, write down any thoughts or images that arose while you were colouring.  Examine the shades you chose; do they hold any clues? Now bring to mind your problem once again and generate a third solution.

If you would like to give this a go and you don’t have a Mandala colouring book why not go to one of my favourite FREE printable mandala resources printmandala.com   – you can print off your favourite and get colouring!

If you would like to learn more about Mandala’s and  how to design and create your own from your intuition do check out my ‘Painting Happiness online’ 6 week experience – I’d love to show you how!

2 thoughts on “Mandala Meditation

  1. That was a fantastic post! I had no idea Mandalas & meditations are so prominent. These days, I’ve been studying and reading a lot about mandalas. I’m curious if any of you have any further resources to contribute. It appears to be difficult to discover the latest information on the website. I came across a couple of websites that are related. One of the websites is https://www.pranalink.com/blog/post/meditation-and-mandala/?utm_source=referrer&utm_medium=organic. The majority of the website does not update frequently enough to help me learn faster. Is there anyone eager to help?

    1. Hi Creative Adventurer – so great to hear from you. It’s wonderful that you are diving into the world of mandalas. There is a wealth of information on the internet but I guess it depends what exactly you are looking for? I have a course called Painting Happiness which I am currently converting to a self paced course. Here is the link to find out more: LINK TO PAINTING HAPPINESS

      If you are keen please email me because I am about to reduce the pricing as there will be no group calls this time around 🙂 my email is angela@angela-murray.com. I hope this is of some help to you x

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