Paint Your Inner Badass

Paint Your Inner Badass experience – Tauranga

Sunday 4th October, 2020 – 1.30pm to 4.30pm


Who exactly is your inner badass?

  • She’s the mum who runs the family, the house and most likely a job too, but inside her inner badass is also the woman who is creative, colourful and strong.

  • The boss at work who manages staff, hits goals and is the glue that holds everything together, and still she longs to kick off her heels, let her hair down to dance and sing.

  • Maybe she’s the small business owner who keeps her customers happy, who’s passionate about what she does.  Working long hours as the salesperson, the marketer, the digital support and keeps the books balanced. While at the same time she makes up poems or writes about her dreams in her journal, she’s crafty and above all she is powerful.

Each of us has a unique and different inner badass, at times we are so connected we can almost touch her. Yet at other times she is so far buried under the stress of our daily lives we can bareley hear her whispers …. but she’s still there.

Paint Your Inner Badass is not about creating a masterpiece – it’s about uncovering the masterpiece you already are.

paint your inner badass

Join me and experience creative play

This is an opportunity to take time out from your obligations and commitments to connect with your inner creative, strong, courageous badass self.

A gentle and fun process of uncovering your inner goddess using meditation, journalling and paint. And as you sink into the joy of simple creativity, you’ll infuse your canvas with heaps of positive energy.

The only rule in this free-flowing workshop is there is no right or wrong.  I’ll gently support you in exploring your natural creativity, while your badass self playfully kicks fear, perfectionism and comparison out of the door.

You deserve this YOU time to create a daily reminder of who your inner badass really is, among women who would just love, love, love to meet her too. And the best bit … you don’t need any creative skills or previous training to do this. Come and join me….

Join me for Paint Your Inner Badass and you will:

Learn how to connect to your inner badass self using your own natural creativity

Be guided to paint a constant reminder of who your truly are to inspire you to be badass every day

I’ll show you simple exercises (takes less than 10 minutes a day) to have instant access to your own creative power

Let me guide you back to your badass self

 I can’t wait to meet her!

How do I book?

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The Paint Your Inner Badass Experience is for you if…

You have forgotten what it feels like to be creative for the FUN of it, and your inner badass wants to be let loose

You are tired of constant routine or being ‘too busy’ and  want to make time for you in your life

You want to lift your ENERGY 

You know there is more you want but just don’t know how to connect to it

You are excited and can’t wait to get messy with paint

You want a connection with other beginners who want more FREEDOM and FUN in their life too

The Paint Your Inner Badass Experience is not for you if…

You’re not excited and nervous right now

You’re perfectly happy with the same old routine

Do I need to know how to paint?

Not at all – this workshop is perfect for absolute beginners. In fact, being a complete beginner in this experience is an advantage.

Creating a life you love starts with allowing yourself the time and space to uncover your badass self.

Imagine owning your badass self and  kicking perfectionism and comparison out of the door – how powerful is that!

This is what my process is all about. It’s about you letting loose, being curious and having a great time with like-minded beginners.

This is what working with me and hanging out with other beginners feels like!

The Paint Your Inner Badass Experience


Sunday 4th October, 2020 – 1.30pm to 4.30pm

Venue: The Artery Art Learning Space, The Incubator, Historic Village, 159 17th Avenue, Tauranga

This 3 hour event includes all of the materials you need. Just bring your curious self (maybe an old t-shirt or apron – it could get messy) and prepare to have fun.

BOOK now and take advantage of the early bird discount $125 ($111 early bird)

by clicking the button below