I took Angela Murray’s beginners painting experience, with the intention set by Angela for ‘New Beginnings’ and I would like to say I highly recommend it. In fact, I decided to do a Painting Happiness review.

This is coming from a person who felt I could not paint, in my mind all I could do was stick figures.

I have no idea where my fear came from but I was literally terrified, maybe of not being good enough, or the dread of looking across the table at people who could truly do art and sinking in my chair and panicking.

I had met Angela before through a mutual friend and told her it would be cool to do a course because I would love to be creative, but that I could not draw.

Angela was so sweet and tried to reassure me I did not need to draw and that the creative process would be fun.

Whenever I saw Angela over the year, she would just smile and say “when you are ready”.

Well, I picked a strange time to be ready; actually, it was more like an inner nudge telling me it would be good for me.

Painting your dreams reviewNot only had I just been told the week prior that I would be losing my job, I had to ask my oldest son to go flatting and so grief and anxiety had set in.

So on Sunday as I sat at my allocated spot, all I could do after saying Hello was concentrate on breathing!

Well to all of you who believe you can’t paint but have the courage to give it a go, please do, even if you have  ‘life’ stuff going on.

All the ladies were lovely, but we all got so absorbed in our own work, it was never about comparing.

I had no idea what I was about to paint it just miraculously evolved, I just picked paints I liked the colour of and started doing circles, and from there strokes and I used cool stencils and chose words that were meaningful to me while being lovingly guided in what felt like a very safe environment created by Angela.

I won’t give too much away but there were some fun and meaningful tasks we did before we even begun to paint. 

And who would have thought I learnt so many lessons in the painting course by putting myself out there.

I am good enough because creation is not about perfection it is about having fun.

When we are in the moment even though we don’t know how what we are doing is going to evolve, it does, just like when we don’t know what is around the corner, it will all fall in to place just as it is meant to.

painting your dreams review

And I felt a sense of pride for feeling the fear and doing it anyway…and guess what I love my painting, not because it is a masterpiece to others but it is my masterpiece and it has meaning for me.

Thank you, Angela, you are a special lady who has created a wonderful course and safe environment for beginners.

Kim Power

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