Rise Above Painting and Book Club


'Rise Above' Painting & Book Club

It's time to get your wings! 

When was the last time you made space to listen to your heart, connect with your creativity and rise above the daily chatter of your life?

Your creative self is yearning for release from the cage you've put her in. She wants to be curious, explore and connect with her intuition. Your wild creative side just wants to play with paint and create for the sheer joy of it.



rise above book club

Sounds so enticing right? But I know you're too busy? Your to-do-list is so long it is feels like you are drowning? You'd love to be a part of a creative community of like-minded people but you don't have the time to drive across town to a class each month?


rise above bookbclub online


I heard you, so I'm bringing my newest class to your house!

Each month we will paint together and the best bit ... you don't need to leave home. All you need is the book, some basic supplies and a sign to hang on your door saying "Do not disturb - artist at work!"

This course is super fun for anyone who wants to get in touch with the new creativity that has nothing to do with being good, bad or having talent, it has to do with living as a life artist and understanding all the ways you create your reality.

The Rise Above Painting & Book Club is not just a book club it's a chance to create with me live online in my studio, with other amazing creative adventurers from around the world.

Whitney was super excited to share her new book ..

I have been working with Whitney Freya for over six years as her Master Coach.  This book is just a small part of what she has brought to the world during this time. Each page is sumptuous and rich with colour. It is a journey to meet yourself, get creative and be in your flow. This video shows the excitement when Whitney opened her first copy of the new book - fun!




Each month has a different theme

We will paint presence, freedom, abundance, clarity ...

You choose which energies or feelings you want to experience more of in your life and we paint those onto your painting meditation canvas. 

You will learn painting as a meditation or way of being mindful.


What energy would you choose in your life?

Do you want more peace instead of worry? Then you get to paint peace inspired by chapter 9 in Whitney’s book,  Are you feeling rushed and over scheduled all the time? Then you may choose to paint the energy of spaciousness and learn the 3 different ways you can bend time, also taught in the book, 




Create your own life

You will get to create your own personal symbol painting. which takes the law of attraction to a whole new level. By bypassing words and communicating to the universe exactly what it is you want more of in your life on a symbolic, colourful level.

This is a wonderful way to transform your life

You are feeling the calling to be creative, you have felt it in the past and now the urge is getting so strong you can;t ignore it. You are hearing the calling of your own wild creative spirit and she want to play and be joyful with you! 

I'm here to guide you on this colourful journey

Whitney personally asked me to create this Paint & Book Club to share this amazing process with all of my wonderful creative adventurers. We both know it is transformational and so we want to offer that to you too! Would you like me to come and play at your house?


This monthly experience is perfect for you if

  • You know deep down you are creative but just don't have the time
  • You have a deep desire to connect with your intuition
  • You are curious about integrating creativity into your life
  • You want to meet your wild creative side
  • You are looking for a creative community who 'gets you'
  • You know there is more to life than work and you want to play
  • You know your soul is crying out for connection


This experience is not for you if

  • You don't feel the excitement and curiosity right now
  • You’re perfectly happy living life with to-do lists and telling yourself creativity is for others
  • You’re happy with the same old same old and don't want to bring change into your life


Are you ready to unleash your inner artist?? 

The Rise Above Paint & Book Club consists of:

  • Live monthly 2 hour session via Zoom (will be recorded if you miss a month)
  • Monthly opening circle and meditation
  • Guiding through each chapter while you create in your own home
  • A private Facebook group where you can share your experiences, ask for advice and create community
  • Materials list (or be inventive and use your own ideas)




  • The Book:
  • I have a limited supply of books for sale in New Zealand for $52 + $7.50 postage (within NZ)
  • Or you can purchase the book from Amazon.com


  • The investment:
  • Each session is $40 or...
  • If you book for 6 sessions in advance the investment is only $30  per session ($180 for 6 months - giving you 2 FREE sessions)