seven habits of an intuitive artist

Have you always wanted to know how to use your intuition to create art from your soul?

Have you always wanted to paint intuitively but your critical brain gets in the way?

I’ve found over the years that my critical brain is great at either telling me I don’t know what I am doing, what I am doing is rubbish, or even more sneakily it makes my mind go blank.

But the good news is, as it turns out having a blank mind can actually help you become an amazing intuitive artist!

I’m sharing seven tips to help you become an truly amazing intuitive artist, by emulating the habits of highly intuitive people:

I was inspired to write this guide because it is the foundation of everything I teach in both my Dream BIG Paint BIG and Painting Happiness experiences. As an intuitive artist myself I want to share my process of painting my soul’s art with as many people as possible, so you can paint yours too!

Not only can you get your FREE pdf download but you can also get access to my ‘Creating Happiness’ video lesson for FREE – instructions are in your PDF.

I hope you enjoy them both!

Angela x