For months now the following has been a typical end to the week for me ….

I look forward to the weekend, it is going to be my chance to relax, to chill out and wash off the stresses and cares of the week – the weekend is going to put everything right – I might even get a bubble bath!

Friday night I stay up late as it’s not a ‘school night’ still finishing off work for the day job, or working on my website, doing the accounts – I might get the chance to watch a movie, I eat really late and finally I make it to bed.  Eating too late means I dream too much and spend half the night tossing and turning with an insistent song in my head apparently that is called an ‘ear worm’.

Saturday morning, I wake up late, still tired, then it’s a rush to fit in all the chores, visits to DIY super stores, food shopping and along the way catch up with my partner for a well deserved coffee and cake, unpack shopping make dinner (too late again) get to bed ridiculously late, checking face book and email before going to sleep – I spend half the night tossing and turning (you get the picture).

Sunday, a trip to the local market, catch up with friends, get the washing done (I’m not saying all this is just me by the way, my partner does his share), eventually we get to sit down at a more reasonable time as a family, then once our daughter has gone to bed we sit down and watch a movie – and yes you’ve guessed it – get to bed way too late. And so on and so forth ……

But recently I was reminded  of the need to slow down – weeks of this behaviour had rolled by and I could feel the stress covering me like the layers on an onion, my patience was wearing thin, and I was getting ’emotional’ (not good for a 49 year old hormonal woman).  I ignored the signs and then my body decideed to take thing into its own hands, and made me slow down by throwing out my back.  I had 7 days of bed rest then 2 weeks to slow down and remember what life is all about.

So during that time I came up with my remedy for this cycle of stress and overwork :

Make a date with myself – at least 10 minutes every day.  I use this time to be creative, doodling, sketching, painting – even colouring in!

Claim time every weekend for myself – my family now know that when I head into my studio and put on my music I am not to be disturbed – well at least not for a couple of hours.  (Unless it is bearing coffee and cake – which is most definitely allowed).  I emerge from the studio a happier person, a nicer person to be around and I am recharged for the week.

Bubble bath with a book or a short Sunday afternoon ‘nana nap’ – to recharge the batteries.

With regards to the sleeping – I am still working on this, I’ve stopped FB and email at bed time – next is getting to bed that little bit earlier ………  maybe!

How do you relax and recharge? – I’d love to hear your stories.


4 thoughts on “Slowing down and enjoying life

  1. Beautiful words! Love the idea of making a date for myself! 🙂

    1. It’s the most important time in the week – and your loved ones will appreciate it too!

  2. Great awarenesses of the need to slow down Angela, time with our selves is very special.
    I take myself for a walk in nature, I spend time looking at trees, and flowers, noticing the colours and smells, and listen to the sounds of birdsong or water – whatever’s around me. Fortunately, I’ve slowed down considerably in the past nine years to the point where I’m now completely self-employed, and living on a narrowboat cruising the canals and rivers of England which provides many opportunities for this 😉

    1. Hi Sandra – thank you for the feedback – I love that you have taken the whole “slow movement” onboard (literally on board a narrow boat!) and that you now have time to hear the birdsong, and appreciate the nature around you. So many of us go through life at such a pace that we actually forget to take time to appreciate this wonderful and amazing place we call earth. Well done on recognising this before it’s too late – inspired! 🙂

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