I just had to share this with you guys ….

This month I was so proud to be featured in The New Zealand Artist Magazine, which is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing what fine artists all around New Zealand are doing with their art, their inspirations, techniques and advice for younger artists.

It was such a shock to finally see the four page article in the magazine, and such a buzz when the assistant at my local art store actually recognised me when I walked in (however fame did not get me a discount lol).

My hope is that by sharing my techniques and my journey that it may inspire would be artists to give it a go, I would be over the moon if it did! Or maybe it may encourage people who believe they are not creative to come along and hang out with me at my book (and art) club events or workshops – I’d love to help them on their journey and share more tips and inspiration.

So if you are looking for a practical, friendly, readable and helpful magazine on following your passion for art, then The New Zealand Artist Magazine is perfect whether you are a veteran artist who has been in the industry for a long time, or an artist who is just finding their feet in the art community.

If you would like to read the article in full click here…

Have you ever had the buzz of being published in a magazine or had your photo in the local paper? What is your biggest claim to fame?  please leave a comment below I’d love to hear from you!


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4 thoughts on “Stop the press! Oh actually no don’t stop the press! ….

  1. What a fantastic article, congratulations!

    1. Hi Anita – thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it. It was quite peculiar seeing your own story in print 🙂

      Blessings xx

  2. Hello Angels Murray,
    I have clicked on every link possible to try to read the article and it is not coming up. Can you give me an updated link? Congrats!

    1. Hi Beth hope the link I sent you works – thank you very much for the congratulations – much appreciated 🙂

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