Are you taking care of yourself?…

Are you the person who holds your family together?  Are you the person who your friends turn to in a crisis? Are you the glue, the sticky tape and sometimes the staples trying to keep the boat afloat tossed about in a wild and unpredictable sea?

I am asking those questions because I am that person who keeps everyone else afloat, keeping all the hoops spinning at the same time.  In fact sometimes I think I can hear the circus music as I pull off yet another magical feat … ta da da da da da da da daaaa da!!!!!  But not this week.

Our little family have had a number of challenges over the past 3 years, which came to a head over the last dew weeks.  But this week I realised that I was seriously ignoring my own body signs, feeling stressed, not sleeping and not taking care of myself.  I also realised that if I carried on this way I would not be able to look out for those closest to me.  And so I decided to stop, to rest, to sleep, to take to my bed, to let someone else take charge. I listened to my body before the cry got so loud that it made me stop in my tracks. 

Ladies I am sure you know what I mean, feeling overwhelmed then ending up with the flu? or putting your back out? or the migraine? or, or, or ….. Your body is very clever at getting your attention, to get you to start taking care of yourself. (I wrote about this very thing in August 2014 and I’m still listening).

Looking after myself with creativity

I was very lucky that our next door neighbours dropped by with flowers and a listening ear, which was so lovely in itself.  But it also gave me an unexpected reason to be creative.  So to thank them for their lovely gift of kindness I decided to draw and paint a thank you card from my imagination.  

thank you The card took me hours to make, but with each passing minute I felt the stress and tension of the past few weeks just lift from my body.  I felt the chatter in my head quieten and the emotions even out – it was like the creative version of a chill pill.  In creating I allowed the positive right side of my brain take tender charge of the situation, and give the busy busy to do list left side of my brain just switch off for a while – I believe it was a creative reset button. I now feel much more positive again, and so I felt I needed to share …

My Five Tips for Looking After Yourself with Creativity …..

  • Take care of yourself or you won’t be able to take care of others
  • Give others the gift of letting them help your for a change
  • Be real on Facebook or social media (instead of just happy happy all the time) allows others to be real with you too 
  • Wrap yourself in in creativity to rest, recuperate and to heal your self and your soul
  • Reach out when you need help from a coach or a counselor – find the right one that resonates with you – you deserve to be cared for too

If this sounds like you, I hope my words can help you in taking care of yourself, and if you need some help with developing your creative self-care tool kit I can help with that too.  I am a trained holistic Life Coach, an Artist and Specialist in the Art of Play and I can show you creative ways of taking care of yourself – just give me a call.

Have the most wonderful week creative peeps!

Love Angela x

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