Have you ever felt as if going for your dreams are just too damn hard, too tiring, impossible or the feeling of failure is just too scary to contemplate?  What if all you needed was a guiding hand, or someone to say they believe in you?  Well I had such an experience a few days ago and I want to share it with you just in case you are in that situation right now…

I have had my business for approximately 5 years, and during that time I have also been holding down a corporate role and managing a team in another country (queue violins lol).  

I tell you this because many people may look at my site and assume I am a full time artist and coach – and yes that is my dream, and I am working hard towards it.  

I’ve been working a 40 hour week, and at weekends and evenings I coach, teach and I paint – I am also supporting my partner through the final year of a 3 year full-time diploma in Jewellery design and making.  At times I have been very well aware of the pressure on me, and I have to re-remember to look after myself and take down time.  After all it is something I coach my clients on …”remember to look after yourself or you’ll not be any help to your family, friends or clients”.

This week I must have pushed myself a little too far, it’s been a busy time setting up my new workshop ‘Painting Happiness’ which is happening in May.  I was feeling under the weather but still pushed myself to go into the office – I love the people I work with and it’s good to have interaction face to face.  However, by lunch time I was feeling pretty feverish and tired, so I decided to head home and log back in to do my meetings from there, so I could take care of myself a little better.

Sitting on the bus home I was totally exhausted, and my mind began wandering – the voice in my head was saying “why do you do this to yourself? why don’t you just give up your business dreams? life was so much easier when you were just doing the day job….. at least then you would have more time to paint!”

Normally I have the resolve to ignore this voice (my left brain negative voice) or I talk over it, but on this day I was so low and tired that when I got home I told my partner “I am seriously wondering why I am trying to grow my own art and coaching practice? I am thinking maybe I should give up? Yes I know my clients would miss me, but wouldn’t life be easier?”  He just listened, without judging and left me to my thoughts (he’d make a darned good counselor).

Less than 20 minutes later I receive a call on my mobile, it was a old colleague who had left the same corporate to set up his own business.  We had not been in touch since he left over a year ago, and I was very surprised to receive his call.  He said to me “I don’t know why but I just felt that I had to give you a call to see how you are doing?”  so feeling pretty raw I told him where I was at and he listened then said “I don’t know you very well but I do know that you are much more than just the day job.”  I was stunned!

He went on to talk to me about letting go of the attachment of career, and how he has never been happier running his own business.  Yes sure it has not all been plain sailing but he is the happiest he has ever been in his life.  I am so happy for him, as it is a big step to take.  He told me not to give up, and to come and visit him in his new shop (he runs his own bakery now).  I will go and visit very soon.

I can’t help think that this was divine intervention from the Universe, a call out of the blue from someone who took the leap of faith and has done what I am working towards.  He has no idea how much that phone call meant to me, and how much more resolve I have to keep on going, and so last night I began painting a mandala on ‘what I need to carry on and be successful’ (pictured above) it is very much a work in progress, but then so am I !!!!

So my fellow creative life adventurers if you are finding yourself in the same situation, feeling lost or as if things are just too hard – please don’t give up on your dreams which mean so much to you, just know the Universe is there to support you.  Ask for the support you need and then see what happens it just may come from the most unlikely of places.

Have an inspirational day today.


Angela x


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Universe and never letting go of your dreams …

  1. Thank you for sharing this Angela and listening to the divine intervention sent in the form of an ex colleague! Inspiring for all of us who have had doubts ie ALL of us !

    1. Thank you Christine – yes the universe gas a habit of sending guidance by the most unlikely of messengers.

      I really posted this to help others by letting them know even those of us who seem to have it all together have our doubts at times.

      I’m glad you got something from this, thank you for letting me know.

      Angela x

  2. I LOVE this story. You’re keeping me inspired too! 🙂

    1. Hi Kirsten!

      What a lovely compliment – you keep going you amazing lady! xx

  3. Angela, I have SO been here too! What I know for sure is that those of us inspired to bring art making to the masses are here on a Divine Assignment (thank you, Lisa Nichols, for that term!). We are here to lift up those around us and to illuminate new paths and trails into our truest selves. You can’t just focus on what would be easiest for you because that is not in your DNA. You are here as a torchbearer. You came to life to inspire the lives of others. And what we all here know for sure is that once you align with your creator self you get a taste of all that is possible…the hope, the magic, the love. Thank you for tuning into your call, that small voice that wants to shout from the rooftops: I AM a creatress! When we own that, the entire Universe opens up to offer its infinite abundance! Wahoooooo!

    1. Thank you Whitney – I really appreciate that coming from you 🙂

      I do feel that I am a torchbearer and even whenthe times get really tough I carry on because to not carry on would be more painful than how I feel at that moment. I love brining all of this to those who truly need it, and that is what keeps me going.

      Thank you for recognising and honouring my creatress! With Love – Angela x

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