How many times have you seen in women’s magazines – ‘How to find your passion’ … ‘Ways to find your purpose’ … ‘Finding your mission’ … etc etc etc

When our parents were younger they just got on with life, did their work, raised their families had their hobbies. When did it become an imperative that you must have a passion, purpose or mission in life?  Personally I think that search is just an added pressure that we don’t need.

Stop beating yourself up

I used to beat myself up because I tried and gave up so many hobbies … Tennis, Squash, Gym, Step class, yoga, cycling, knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross stitch, scuba ….  I have had all of the tools and gadgets for all of these over the years, and spend heaps of $ on them in search of what I might be passionate about.  Because I was trying to find my purpose.

Now I may have found it in art ….. or maybe not?  How on earth would I know?  I thought I had found it in many of my previous hobbies.  So I have decided I am not going to put the pressure of this having to be ‘The One’ we are going steady but I have not agreed to marry it lol.

We have been going steady for a while now, and the reason is, I believe, that creating and sharing with others is not only fun, but it creates community.  I believe what I was actually looking for was not my purpose, but like minded people to connect to – I call them ‘My Tribe of Creative Adventurers’.  Painting Happiness

Finding your Tribe

My clients are ready to have fun, my clients are ready to be themselves, my clients are ready to let go of judgement of themselves, my clients are looking for their community – their Tribe.

One of the best things I find from running my workshops is that I bring together ladies who come to the workshop as strangers, with their own self doubts and insecurities and yet they leave as creatives and having made friends which last longer than the day.  The best bit for me …. I get to bring them together and …. I get heaps of new friends too!!!!

So if you want to find your passion, purpose or mission give yourself a break and instead come and find your Tribe – I believe this is what you are truly looking for 🙂

Your Tribe is waiting for you

Your Tribe is waiting for you at my next workshop – Painting Happiness on 17th July – click here to come along and join us. We will be having a fun day at Lake House Art Centre in Takapuna.

See you there!

Angela x

PS you don’t just have to take my word for it – click here to check out what previous participants have to say about Painting Happiness with me!

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