VIP Sessions

She believed she could so she did

VIP Sessions

Feeling like every day you give all of your time and energy to others, your partner, your children, your family or your job?  But what about you? You deserve to have some time that is totally devoted to your needs, where you are the VIP – don’t you?

You could treat yourself to a spa, or a massage to be pampered and spoiled.  But when you get home that relaxed feeling can quickly fade as you get pulled back into the daily grind. Imagine spending time for yourself which would leave you feeling relaxed and happy and in control of your life?  Why not join me for your very own VIP sessions and you will have just that!


You deserve it!

I am offering a unique opportunity to come and spend time with me in my creative sanctuary, where we focus completely on you, your desires, your dreams and your vision for a life you love.  At the end of your very special sessions you will leave  feeling fantastic, re-energised, excited about the future and back in control.  Be confident that his feeling will not disappear when you get home because you will be taking away a daily reminder of what the life you love really feels like.

No idea what your vision for the future is? 

Don’t worry you don’t need to know right now –  helping you uncover your inner most desires is my role.  I am so excited to share these special sessions with you, where I will share a process with you that took me years to learn and has made such a massive difference in my life.

Think about it what do you worry about most? Money? Children? Relationships? What keeps you awake at night, or spins around your head making you feel overloaded or stuck?  Let me help you to gently peel back the layers of self doubt, or the expectations of others as to what your life should be.  Let’s discover what your inner spark is calling for you, what your authentically happy self is crying out for.

How can I help you?

I will be your guide for the sessions as we talk openly about you and your desires. I will be encouraging you and challenging you, and leading you to some ‘a-ha’ moments where we will unlock those areas of your life that have been holding you back. 

Together we will find new ways of thinking, strategies to get you to where you want to be and how to overcome the blocks life will throw at you.  I will show you how easy it is to make little changes to have what you want right now. 

At the end of your special sessions you will leave with a ‘Yantra’ – a painting which is full of all of the energy of possibility and new beliefs about yourself and your life.  Together we will paint the symbol(s) of your future to remind of how the NEW YOU feels every day.

Think you’re not creative?

Don’t worry if you think you are not creative, you really do not need to be.  In fact those clients who have said to me “I’m not creative” are often those that have had the greatest successes with this technique.  When I prove to you that this limiting belief is untrue and you actually are creative imagine then what other limiting beliefs we can change.  How exciting is that!

I only open my creative sanctuary to a select number of clients in any year – so if you are interested in working with me 1:1 and being a VIP please book below and I will contact you, to see if we are suited to work together and to arrange your special sessions.

Treat yourself to your special VIP sessions – I know you are worth it – do you?

VIP sessions include 3 x 90 minute personal coaching sessions in my creative sanctuary, plus 3 mini check in calls or Skype calls to keep you on track to live a life you love!  The exchange for the full VIP treatment is $997

To book please complete your details below and forward your $50 deposit.

Deposit for VIP Session $50


For those applicants who I do not feel are perfectly suited to working with me 1:1 I will of course offer a full and immediate refund of their deposit.



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