What is Vision Quest?


Vision Quest with Whitney Freya is online programme designed to reclaim the magic, mystery and creative mastery in your life I know for sure it is true because it definitely changed my life forever!

You can now join Whitney in a FREE Video Training Series for an initiation into the INFINITE POTENTIAL for your life please click here for the FREE video link!


Before Whitney guided me on my own Vision Quest I was lacking direction, and even worse not listening to my intuition.  Now I have a simple creative practice that keeps me grounded and completely tuned into my intutition.  I can’t believe how much this has helped me to grow myself and my business in the past 2 years and I am honoured to have become a Vision Quest guide help people like you on your journey too!

I wanted to share with you this FREE video series with Whitney where she will share her simple secret to unlock the mystery of what is keeping you from crossing the threshold to your next level of Creative Mastery.

You will get to watch as Whitney drips and plays with paint on a large canvas, attuning you to your next level of courageous creativity and then see as the large canvas evolves and before your eyes and Whitney creates a powerful sacred symbol of illumination and strength to guide you on your new path to an expanded level of personal freedom.

The series is absolutely free and if you don’t want to paint yourself, and just enjoy watching someone else paint (I know I do) then please click here for the FREE video link. I know you will really enjoy it!

Look forward to hearing your feedback on the video series!  In the meantime if you would like to keep up to date with up coming events or releases of new artworks by signing up to my Newsletter!


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