Vision Quest

Vision Quest 4 month programmeVision Quest 4 month programme

There’s an infinite, magical BEING within you, seeking creative expression. It’s a part of you that may be waiting right now … just waiting …for you to step into your BIGNESS!

Inside, you know it’s true. You came to your life for a greater reason than simply having a job, raising a family, paying bills.

And when you open the door to this greater part of YOU, all the creativity, magic, miracles and infinite possibilities of the Universe become available to you, setting you free to literally create the life you desire – unfettered by the limits of the rational mind.


Join me and Whitney Freya for a 4 month Vision Quest journey into yourself, seeking out the truths that will make you happy and allowing your life to change in many positive ways.

Month ONE ~ AIR

During month one, we call upon the Element of Air to breath life into our intention. We call for VISION and Awaken the Muse of IN-Spiration. This is when you will invite your Soul to make its mark on your “life’s canvas.”

You’ll begin taking daily dips into your art journal in order to tease and awaken your intuitive mind. This is when the true nature of your wisdom and potential is revealed. You’ll also learn new “Artuals” (art rituals) in order to receive intuitive guidance with greater ease and speed. 

Month TWO ~ FIRE

During month two we call upon the Element of Fire to ignite your sacred, creative spark. Using color and symbols, this is when we burn away any limiting beliefs you may be holding around what is possible for your life’s journey.

You’ll learn everything you need in order to create your own Personal Painting Practice. This is when you take up the torch of illumination with symbols that invite you to fan the flame of your infinite nature, your sacred spark!


During month three we call upon the Element of Water in order to tap into the feelings behind your desires. You’ll learn how to interpret the synchronicities and coincidences bubbling to the surface of your awareness as messages from your Soul. And then you’ll paint them!

By aligning with new confidence in the ways your life is supported and loved, we’ll nourish that which is desiring to be expressed through you, deepening the depth of your connection to the infinite. You will paint 13 paintings, each one a “Conversation with Spirit.” You may use the 13 paintings to transform the energy of one of your home spaces or your office space or paint over and over on one or two canvases to create a whole new level of creative FREEDOM!


During month four, we call upon the Element of Earth to ground and centre within you the patterns of truth that your Quest has revealed for you. By sinking roots into your new story, your new vision for your life, you allow the “muck” to fall away. Mother Earth can absorb what has been wasting your life force and transmute it into new personal, creative power.

You’ll plant “seeds” of intention and manifestation into your reality through a 13-step process that will lead to ONE large, multi-layered and multi-dimensional painting. You will be awed by the state of grace and flow you can achieve once you open this channel, grounding your infinite creative genius onto the canvas and through your body.

I am Your Vision Quest Guide

One of the reasons your Vision Quest experience will create such powerful results in your life is because it is four months long. This is an INITIATION – a Rite of Passage – as well as an integration. It’s when you begin weaving your new creative practice into your physical home space, and into the fabric of your daily life.

And just like any Rite of Passage, you will have support and care-filled guidance.

I am here to be your guide to give 1 : 1 support throughout our time together. You will receive weekly check in’s online to hold you accountable and cheer you on. In addition, each month you will receive a 1:1 call to guide you every step of the way. I will nurture and inspire you, hold space for your transformation, and keep you accountable to your goals within the programme.  I’ve found that by having a guide to turn to, it exponentially increases your success as a Quester.

How does it work?

Vision Quest the group programme runs twice a year (February and September) and you can join as a group member for USD $399 for which you receive all the lessons and materials, a monthly group call with Whitney and myself. Any personal 1:1 sessions with me would be extra at USD $150/hour.

I’d like my own personal 1:1 Vision Quest Experience..

If you would like your own personal 1:1 bespoke Vision Quest experience you can – and you don’t have to wait for the next one to start you can join now!

As a personal 1:1 client you get the full Vision Quest experience and all of your monthly online (or in person) session would be 1:1 with me, plus additional weekly check-ins. To work with me 1:1 Your Personal Vision Quest Experience would be USD $747 (or USD $94/fortnight)

The great thing about the personal experience is that you get to do it completely at your own pace, in your own home (or 1:1 sessions can be studio sessions) – you organise how it will fit into your life. If you don’t have a creative space that is ok too – you can work from your desk, or from your kitchen table. All the exercises can be done in a journal or on a canvas – whatever suits your lifestyle.

This is the programme that completely changed my life from my before and after pic below – I want to offer the same to you. Join me now – Book a FREE Discovery Session with me now to find out more.









You want to live with your head in the stars and your feet rooted in the earth. As your own Vision Quest guide I can make that happen. Seeking out truth through the language of art you’ll learn how to free your unconscious mind with colour and form. With guided practice, each month will show you another dimension to your person – and personal coaching with me will bring out the YOU you’ve been wanting to be all these years.

To find out much more about this life-changing programme (inlcuding testimonials) – click here for full details